• January 27, 2014

    IT consultant new york – how to find a good one.

    Finding an IT Consultant in New York can be challenging.

    When looking to fill any position (one-time or on a regular basis), we have to consider the things that are important to us. Usually a large part of this contains the elements of professionalism, courteous interaction, and punctuality. While some consultants work on their schedule, and are focused on their needs, we are customer centered and solution oriented.

    Here are some tips for hiring a good IT Consultant or IT Consulting company:

    1. When you first call – are you able to get someone one the phone who understands your situation ?
    2. Is the person on the phone knowledgeable in the subject area ? if not – are they able to get someone who is on the phone right away ?
    3. Ask the company for some references – this may not be possible if you are looking for someone in an emergency where your server or network requires immediate repair.
    4. Call a few places – check out their rates and ask how soon they could have someone over.

    Computero consists of a highly trained team who are knowledgeable IT consultants, specializing in Microsoft Business Servers and networking, secure remote access, firewalls, and security, just to mention a few. We provide a full range of IT Consulting services to address any issues, and provide solutions in a ever evolving environment.

    In most cases- we are able to get a certified technician at your location the same day – whether it is a networking problem or a server issue, you can rest assured that we are able to work out a solution in the best possible way. Many times surpassing the expectations of our clients.

    Sometimes issues stemming from internet connectivity cannot be resolved due to provider outage or equipment failure. In such cases we continue working and monitoring the situation even after we leave – making sure that the issue is resolved ASAP and also so that we are able to address any issues in the long run. Follow ups are just simply part of our process. Often times our technicians are able to pickup a replacement modem from Verizon, Time Warner Cable or Cablevision (Optimum Online) so that we can get you up and running in little to no time. We understand your business runs on computers and we stand ready to address any issues which may arise. We are ready and look forward to exceeding your expectations and invite you to experience a level of service that is something you can only experience when you work with us.

    We service Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Westchester NY.

  • January 27, 2014

    Virus removal NYC – Interesting facts about drive by infections.

    One of the services offered by Computero is virus and spyware removal. We often get calls from desperate customers whose systems either stopped functioning or were disabled due to a malicious software being installed on their computer.

    While in some cases we cannot explicitly determine where the infection came from – in 75% of cases – we are able to perform virus, spyware and malware removal and bring the system back to its previous working condition.

    What we found very interesting is that in most of these cases – the customer didn’t open an attachment or open a flash drive with infected files – instead – they clicked on a link, and were automatically infected. How can this happen ?

    Lets review the charts below from BLADE Labs

    Chart # 1 – As you can see every common PC browser is affected by this – so there is no magic bullet (other browsers such as Safari and Chrome are also affected by this – but were not represented in the study)

    virus removal NYC

    Chart # 2 – The applications which are closely connected to the browser and available on almost every computer are the most commonly exploited.

    trojan horse removal nyc

    The simple and obvious way to secure a computer from such attacks would be to remove the above named software – but this is almost impossible. Many websites use Flash and Java. Most computers in the world use Internet Explorer – so what can you do ?

    1. Update each and every application listed. Microsoft, Adobe and Java can be easily upgraded to their latest versions. Most of these companies are heavily invested in their products and release updated software very frequently. Make it a point to update the software if you see a pop-up by the system tray (near the time) .

    2. Consider using Mozilla firefox as your primary browser. Mozilla seems to be safer and unlike Internet Explorer has more protection built into itself to stop these types of viruses from coming on board. This makes virus removal easier.

    3. Have an up to date and up to par antivirus software such as Trend Micro Titanium Security (for home users) and Trend Micro Worry Free business security (for business users).

    Following these tips will make you more secure. Virus removal or spyware removal will take less time if you kept your system up to date.

    If you have been infected by a virus, malware or spyware – please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have helped to remove over 300 viruses annually, and with the increase in infections – we have a plan of attack for every type of infection. Whether it involves 1 computer or 200 – we can handle the removal. See our IT services section for more information.

  • January 2, 2014

    Server Help ? Fix Server ? Server repair NYC !

    It’s 5 pm on Saturday – “Can you guys help me fix my server ? I need server help !” – a voice asks hesitantly….

    GM Automotive – an auto parts distributor in the NYC, Queens, NY area – the owner experienced a server failure and needed server help immediately. The unit was blue screening and the customer wanted someone to come on site right away and attempt to fix the issue.

    Although the server outage was crippling – we were able to recover all data, and restore the functionality to the server and the office network.

    The problem was caused by a broken RAID 5 volume (a redundant disk setup which helps to keep your data safe in case one of the hard drives fails) – which was not responding problem due to a failure of one of the disk drives. The solution was to remove the disk drive completely – and restart the server. Once removed, the RAID controller allowed the system to start – and operate with decreased performance. Computero was able to get the replacement hard drive within 24 hours and the server was back to 100% within an hour after replacement arrived. PLEASE NOTE: Removing the wrong drive can lead to complete data loss, so please – don’t try this on your own unless you are completely sure you know what you are doing.

    The server’s fix involved not only replacement of the broken hard drive – but also updating the firmware on the RAID controller and the windows driver associated. Windows server backup was also used to restore a vital business database which was corrupted. The database restore was successful and customer was able to access all business data. Upon server fix – we checked all workstations and confirmed access to internet, printers, and shared resources.

    Whether you need help with your critical equipment – or some other networking assistance in an emergency situation – Computero can help. Our technicians are available 7 days a week and offer server help as needed. We have vast experience with Windows based servers and redundant disk arrays. laser hair removal nyc