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Network Installation Services

Great performance starts with great design.


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Network Installation & Server Services

  • Network design
  • Network installation
  • Network & server optimization
  • Network monitoring & maintenance
  • Network & server security
  • Network storage setup / configuration
  • Peer-to-peer network setup / repair
  • WAN / Office-to-office network setup
  • Wireless network setup & repair
  • Remote network access (VPN) & terminal services
  • Network equipment installation & repair (routers, switches)
  • Broadband installation & repair (DSL, cable, FIOS, T1)

Computero™ specializes in server and network installation for companies and homes in the New York area. Our certified technicians can design and install your entire network, ensure it’s functional, runs at peak performance with minimal downtime and within your budget. After the initial installation, we provide IT managed services to maintain your network and prevent any issues from occurring. If an issue does occur, our Rapid Response Team™ will troubleshoot/resolve it before it affects your IT infrastructure. Our IT helpdesk is readily available to solve your tech needs.

Planning your network

The first part of planning an IT infrastructure is evaluating your available space. We consider all factors such as where to put the server room, network access and security, power supply, ventilation and your building’s telecom provider. We have designed many networks large and small – from networks that span an entire building, small closets with limited network equipment to 5-10 rack server rooms. Our goal is to design it according to your IT needs and complete it with limited downtime. Our network installation will ensure that your business can stay running efficiently and safely.


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