IT Managed Services for Cybersecurity

Jun 4, 2024 | Tech Tips

Most people know about cyber security, but not everyone has good enough knowledge of its subtleties and fine points. Cybersecurity is complex, and even people who want to read up on it do not always know how to shift through the mountains of content available online on the subject.

In this blog, we will explore what Managed IT Security Service Providers are and how they can benefit from your organization.

What is a Managed IT Security Service Provider in Cyber Security?

MSSP is a kind of MSP that aims at security services offered to customers. Most of the MSSPs will generally offer various security services that might include the following:

  • Security Compliances: You can be sure that there are compliance solutions geared towards security that are available through MSSPs. It is important to meet the various industry regulations and standards such as PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO 27001/27002 among others.
  • Malware Detection and Removal: MSSPs can carry out malware traces and their removal on your network. As such, they give periodic monitoring to ensure there’s no second infection with malware.
  • Security Awareness Training: The MSSPs can set up security awareness training for employees so that they understand how to protect against cyber-attacks and how to be safe online.
  • Firewall Management: An MSSP will manage your firewall; they will monitor, update, and troubleshoot it. Some MSSPs will also provide on-demand firewall services when needed—for example, if your organization is being attacked by a botnet.

What is the Difference Between Managed Security Services and Cyber Security Services?

It is named as such: Managed Security Services is more about proactive cybersecurity. It is also called managed service because it involves a third-party company—a managed service provider—managing your IT environment and providing assistance for the data protection needs of an organization.

Whereas cyber security solutions are reactive; they are not holistic approaches to help you protect your business from threats such as malware and ransomware attacks. Rather, they focus on short-term fixes which address certain vulnerabilities as a way of tackling them head-on before they occur, or even when they occur later on down the line.

There is a subtle distinction between cyber security solutions and managed services. Some MSPs offer proactive cyber security solutions, while some security vendors offer managed services to the Organization wanting to outsource their IT infrastructure management.

Who is a Cyber Security Service Provider?

The managed cyber security services are given to a client by the Managed Security Service Provider. It could also be named as Managed Security Service Providers.

The team will consist of experienced professionals expertly skilled in different areas of network security, data protection, and data loss prevention, along with incident response—all necessary in the delivery of quality service and support to its clients.

Why Do You Need Managed Security Services?

In order that your business could be protected from cyber threats it is necessary for you to have a Managed Security Service Provider. With the help of a managed security service risk can be managed and possibly reduced. Rather than spending much of your time managing security, you can run your own business.

A Managed IT Security Services includes the following:

  • Keeping an eye out for malicious activity which includes malware and virus.
  • Detection of issues before they do any kind of damage to your data.
  • Planning of potential risks and impacts
  • Refining services which will fix problems after they occur.

Your organization needs cyber security services, and MSSPs can provide a better, timely, and affordable solution to you. They can offer solutions tailored to your company that reduce the chance of data breaches or losses. Managed security service providers also help reduce your staff use need, protect from cyber-attacks and compliance with data privacy regulations.

Benefits of Having a Managed Security Service Provider

A managed security service provider offers a wide range of services which includes the following:

  • Reduced Cost: You can reduce your current cyber security budget by 30% by seeking help from IT security experts outside your organization.
  • Increase Speed of Response: When you choose managed services, you avail yourself of an expert response team for quick intervention in case of a hacking incident. This ensures that such dangerous situations are mitigated faster compared to situations where you would need to recruit new specialists.
  • Improved Quality: The capabilities of Managed Service Providers for enhancing cybersecurity are superior compared to those of individual companies because they can access new, more sophisticated software and implements which such companies cannot obtain due to inadequate finances.
  • Satisfaction to the Customers: Using a Managed Service Provider will stop providers from relying on a knowledgeable person working at any given time 24/7 which means few delays on internet sales for them, since troubleshooting will always be done by a person who is conversant with network problems at all times (like technical issues emanating from the faulty connection with the main server as caused by malware).


Managed IT security can provide great solutions to assist you in managing both your network and data. What this means is when you use such services, managing them becomes easier and this way you get to go about other important responsibilities as specialists in this field do the rest. In short it can be said that your company becomes much more efficient thereby enabling it to grow even faster through managed security services.

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