• October 25, 2017

    Ransomware: How to Keep Your Company Safe

    Imagine your company’s most valuable assets being held hostage by wrongdoers. What would you pay to get them back? How far would you go to prevent them from being taken in the first place? Most of us can’t conceive of malicious infiltrators storming our offices and work sites, holding our employees, work products, and intellectual property hostage until we pay up. But that is exactly what is happening with alarming regularity in recent years — virtually, through the use of ransomware.

    In 2016, ransomware attacks grew by 600%, costing businesses 1 billion dollars.

    As the wave of worldwide attacks strengthens, businesses of all types and sizes are forced into the agonizing choice between paying criminals or sacrificing their priceless and sensitive data, their competitive edge, and the confidence of their customers and investors.

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  • February 23, 2015

    Welcome to your new phone system

    Welcome and congratulations on the purchase of an Allworx phone system.

    We have designed this page to help you become acquainted with the phone system’s features and phone capabilities, so that the transition from the old to the new is as smooth as possible. The links below will introduce you to the phones, their buttons and functions, and how to use them in an easy manner. This quick overview will take about 20 minutes and will give you the basics, so that you can start using your new phone(s) right away. For additional information feel free to refer to the “Phone Manual”, and the “Phone Function Reference Card” which are usually left by the phone. As always we are available to answer any questions or concerns at 718-275-1600.

    -Overview of the phone and some of its features

    -Link to call basics, making and receiving calls, explanation of lights, phone book etc.

    -How to – set up voicemail, conference calling, transferring, etc.

  • February 23, 2015

    Phone systems that mean business !

    The most important part of any business is to be able to make and receive phone calls to/from your customers.

    For the most part – business owners or managers want the same -> a system that works !

    But what happens if the system you have, doesn’t align with your evolving business process ? What happens when your phones are not able to get in-line with your growth ? Some may just stay with what they have, hoping that these challenges will just go away. Some will search for a quick fix, but ignore the larger problem.

    In most cases, a 5-10 year old phone system will no longer offer the same features and flexibility as new phone systems. VOIP Phone System