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Lawyers serve an important role in society and their position as a representative of the people is a huge responsibility. They advocate for people who can’t speak for themselves, guide us through legal paperwork, right wrongs, and so much more. The sensitive nature of their work is what makes lawyers so highly-respected but it could also be their achilles heel. In a world that runs on technology, legal professions could especially benefit from utilizing managed IT services for law firms and law offices.

There’s a lot of upkeep when it comes to the legal sector—such as managing personal data, calls, emails, appointments, and more. Digitalization of numerous legal functions has made it far simpler for employees to work and manage tasks but the more IT (information technology) you rely on, the better off you’ll be with someone dedicated to managing it. A managed service provider (MSP) like Computero can help to protect both the nature of your law firm work, as well as the privacy and security of your business, your clients and your employees, with legal IT services.

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Risks of Cybercrime

Handling a myriad of confidential information is intrinsic to legal work, which is precisely why legal firms and law offices should really think twice when it comes to insulating themselves against cyber attacks.  More data and information is being handled online, whether it be through cloud services applications (such as Google Docs, etc), and other types of software and applications. It makes it super convenient for law firms and offices to collaborate with colleagues and clients, and simply be able to access information whenever/wherever they need. However, this ease of access and ease of use should not compromise legal cybersecurity and IT safety.

Data Breaches

Data breaches occur when confidential information is accessed or extracted (stolen) from a system from an unauthorized individual. These could be both outside malicious actors, or even someone internal. Some hackers will threaten to leak confidential information, which can do unimaginable damage to a business’ reputation. This is especially concerning for the legal sector—any leak or breach of data could have significant legal repercussions. Just imagine: not all cases are public record; it could ruin the privacy and reputation of many people, beyond the law firm itself. Internally, it could destroy pre-established cases, wipe a freshly compiled mountain of research or evidence, and ruin defenses that attorneys were building. Law firms and law offices would be in disarray.


Ransomware is a major threat to any business or industry that relies on technology. Hackers can steal and lock data, and then ask for a ransom from those who want to recover it. Hackers aren’t just technologically savvy, they can be great analysts, the same ways lawyers often have to be when making sense of a case, based on any and all information available to them. Some ransomware hackers will often study people and their organizations to decipher the highest asking price possible (for the ransom fee). Legal firms and law offices are at risk because of the delicate nature of their work, the amount of paperwork legal cases require and due to the amount of money they generate. If a legal firm or law office is hit with ransomware, the asking price could be staggering.

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Examples of IT Services for Law Firms

A good managed service provider will equip your law firm with all of the essential legal IT services it needs. This includes a small business network, VoIP phone systems, software and hardware, as well as monitoring for your entire setup and continuous IT support. 

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Building a Small Business Network for your Law Firm

Having a secure, protected network is essential for any business, especially those in the legal sector. Building your small business network, or improving on any pre-established technology, might seem like a hassle. At Computero, we will set up the best network to maximize security and efficiency. This includes the essentials: business-grade antivirus software, monitoring applications, updated technology/hardware, a good small business server, and more. We will find the right solution for YOUR business. We work closely with all of our clients to establish a custom-tailored plan that is perfect for your business. We understand that law firms require certain software and security measures that other industries might not utilize, and that level of specificity is part of our skillset. 

Specific Hardware and Software Needs

In addition to your business network, is the specific hardware and software that your legal firm or law office needs to operate. For example, if your legal practice has embraced hybrid or remote work schedules, your business will require certain hardware and software to keep your data backed up and your network secure, no matter where you’re working from.

Understanding the most essential and suitable legal IT service requirements for your business however can be challenging, and can add up quickly when you’re trying to figure everything out on your own. With a managed service provider like Computero, you can expect a custom solution that includes not only the fundamentals but any add-ons you like, along with a transparent price.

Law offices need the right type of server for their business, devices for employees, and a reliable VoIP phone system. Additionally, legal software, applications like antivirus, and a good workspace service, like Google Workspace, are crucial. For the best communication, VoIP is the most highly recommended and will require hardware and software as part of the installation.

Constant Monitoring of Law Firm IT Infrastructure

To safeguard you from any viruses, ransomware, cyber attacks, or other disasters, Computero monitors your devices and servers 24/7. We will always be one step ahead so that your law firm can spend less time worrying about downtime or data destruction. Our technicians can oftentimes solve any detect issues before they become a major problem. If not, we’ll alert you immediately, so that you will know what’s happening. Additionally, we can detect downtime and can communicate with you whenever we see issues with servers, devices, and more. 

Routine Updates

It can be a hassle always having to remember to keep your operating systems, applications, and other software up-to-date. Computero will manage your entire network, so that updates are made as soon as they’re available. We’ll manage updates in-house and implement protocols so that your devices and software updates automatically. Best of all, we’ll make sure that updates are made to run at a time that’s convenient for you, typically after office hours. This way, employees can continue working on up-to-date systems, without having to worry about an update interrupting their work or slowing down their computer. Updates are essential but we’re aware that they can make computers difficult to use for a period of time. This is just one of the ways we’re able to still implement fundamental operational and cybersecurity processes, without them being a nuance. Much of what happens is simply.. in the background.

IT Support for your Law Firm

Our IT help desk is filled with knowledgeable and professional technicians who are always ready to assist you. Whether it’s a general technical question or a specific issue you’re experiencing, just call our friendly and trustworthy tech team. Oftentimes, our technicians can solve problems remotely, so that employees can get straight back to work in the most efficient manner possible. Techs also work on-site with clients to complete installations or solve hardware problems (this is known as on-site IT support or Field Services). 

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Keep your legal firm or law office running smoothly at all times by having the right backup measures and the ability to recover lost data. Companies should follow the 3-2-1 rule when it comes to data backups and recovery. Have at least 3 copies of data, with two located on-site and at least one copy offsite. Backing up data is critical to ensure everything is saved. In case of an emergency, Computero will have the right measures to get your firm back up and running in a timely manner. 

Computero’s IT Services for Law Firms

Computero is a New York based managed service provider that works with small to medium sized businesses. If you’re currently looking for managed IT services and IT support for your legal firm or law office, we’re certain we can help. We provide all the services you need and more, including installations, continuous tech support, and other IT solutions for your business. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more.

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