IT for Financial Services

Technology has become a major differentiating factor in the finance industry, making IT for financial services a worthwhile consideration to safeguard against a variety of threats and concerns. To draw and retain talented staff and loyal clients, you must be ready to offer the sophisticated technology they expect (and deserve). However, it’s no easy feat to be an expert and stay on top of all the latest tech. Financial service providers can immediately access apt guidance and the newest expertise by partnering with a reputable cybersecurity and IT company like Computero.

Cybersecurity is another primary concern for companies in the finance sector. Data breaches have become costlier, with financial institutions losing about $5.97 million between 2021 and 2022. This is the second-highest cost of cybercrime, with the health sector topping the list.

The constantly changing regulatory compliance landscape is another major challenge for financial service providers. Mass disruptions and breaches over the recent years have driven the latest raft of strict guidelines and regulations. It’s problematic to keep up!

Your only way to beat these hurdles and still maximize your core business is to outsource your cybersecurity and IT functions. Fortunately, you’re on the right site, and there’s no need to continue searching. We’re your reputable IT services partner, here to help you address the everyday challenges of companies in the IT industry.

A Cybersecurity and IT Partner Who Understands Your Needs

You want to outsource your IT for financial services to a company that understands the specific needs of enterprises in your area of specialization. We’re your one-stop IT partner to help you push through the following leading hurdles:


Cyberattacks and data breaches cost financial service providers millions of dollars every year. When you let us handle your IT, we’ll strengthen authentication and identification to detect any suspicious actions within or outside your infrastructure. 


Effective IT finance cloud migration requires vast experience and knowledge in navigating unknown environments. Our industry-recognized and proficient consulting will ensure you receive the best cloud services to help you get the most from the available capabilities. 

Regulatory Compliance

Managed IT services and process automation have subjected financial institutions to vast regulatory compliance hurdles. While these requirements often seem complicated, compliance is vital to sound and successful performance. We understand the rules governing your industry’s IT functions and are ready to protect you from the penalties and fines that result from non-compliance. 

Backup and Disaster Recovery

To ensure seamless performance, you need a thoroughly planned and well-executed disaster recovery strategy. We’ll work with you to devise the most practical plans to ensure minimal interruptions. 

Cost Reduction

While capital expenses are crucial for your daily business, you need to keep them as low as possible to achieve the highest investment returns. Our team has the knowledge and experience to handle all your IT functions, so that your operations are always performing optimally, shielding you from service interruptions and cyber attacks.

Monitoring and Maintenance

System monitoring and maintenance is vital if you want to achieve effective operations. However, having the right in-house team to ensure regular maintenance and 24/7 network surveillance is challenging. You can count on us for constant monitoring, as our team is available around the clock to stay ahead of cybercriminals and ensure system maximization. 

Monitoring and Maintenance

A Broad Scope of Financial Cybersecurity and IT Finance Services

As a leading provider of IT for financial services companies, you can count on our quality end-to-end IT and computer solutions to boost your overall efficiency, security posture, and return on investment. Our broad scope of services focuses on overseeing entire infrastructures, from virtualization and network wiring to server/data center setup to software/hardware installation and maintenance.

Reach out to us for the following information technology and financial services:

24/7 Help Desk and IT Support

Our incredibly designed IT service desk targets explicitly small to medium-sized entities in the financial services sector. Our New-York-based IT support and technology technicians will always be there to provide the necessary support. 

Desktop Management

We leverage a reliable remote desktop support system, which helps us deliver more responsive, faster IT support. We’ll help you address any computer issues remotely when possible, or provide on-site IT support when boots on the ground are needed.

Network and Server Monitoring

Your specialization requires enterprises to be ahead of system threats and inconsistencies. That’s why we offer complete monitoring for applications, switches, servers, and networks. Our experts can monitor your infrastructure around the clock, and our Rapid Response Team is always ready to fix issues. 

Application Management

We can manage and monitor your tools of the trade, such as software, hardware, servers, mobile devices, and workstations. This ensures seamless operations and peak performance. 

Server Management

We understand the importance of your servers to your overall IT infrastructure. Thus, we’ll tailor our server management services to keep your systems running smoothly for an extended duration. This way, you’ll maximize the returns of your investments. 

Managed Cloud Hosting

Computero’s managed cloud hosting services offer an array of benefits for companies in the financial sector. Our team can safely manage your enterprise data and applications on our private cloud. 

Managed Phone Systems

We can combine your internet connection, VoIP (voice over internet protocol), and hardware into a single package. When you let us administer your phone systems, you’ll be free to focus on other aspects of your business rather than managing phone communications. 

Firewall Installation

A firewall can secure your data, system, and devices by blocking unwanted and unsolicited network traffic. Our experts will install and configure your firewall professionally to ensure that your network is secured.

Managed IT Security

Our certified IT professionals understand the risks, trends, and regulations governing financial IT cybersecurity. We leverage the most advanced approaches to pinpoint and fix network vulnerabilities and ward off attacks. Thus, you can always be certain that your data is secure.

Reach Out to The Most Reliable Financial Cybersecurity Team

Your business’ success depends on your network and infrastructure’s reliability, efficiency, and future-proof capabilities. With our IT for financial services offering, you’ll benefit in the following ways:

  • Cost Efficiency
    • We can regulate and reduce your business costs by eliminating the need for a massive in-house team for all your IT functions and monitoring.
  • Free Time
    • When you let us handle all matters IT in your company, you’ll be free to focus on core business.
  • Advanced Technology
    • We’re always ahead of the latest trends and innovations in finance IT, and we’ll help you identify and implement state-of-the-art technology.
  • Tailored Solutions
    • We’ll evaluate your specific IT needs and develop customized solutions to boost your output cost-effectively.
  • Security Around the Clock
    • Our team is available 24/7, all year round, to ensure your networks, apps, and devices remain impenetrable.
  • Productivity Boost
    • Besides providing seamless operations, we’ll set your in-house team free to maximize other vital functions. This significantly boosts your output. 

Speak with us today to begin enjoying the immense benefits of our IT and cybersecurity services for the finance industry.