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planning your network and servers can be a headache, that’s why we’re here

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Our server and network knowledge that we’ll use to help you and your business includes:

  • Server installation / upgrade / migration
  • Server management and maintenance through our Managed IT Services
  • Microsoft servers
  • Virtual servers and exchange server
  • Server hardware and software upgrades
  • Database installation
  • Business / home server setup
  • Server and network security
  • Server/network to cloud migration
  • Server backup, repair, restore, disaster recovery



Consider installing a VPN (virtual private network) with restricted access so the right users can have access to their computers and data from anywhere, at anytime. This is especially great for remote or hybrid employees who need access to their work server from home. And yes, we can help you set that up too!


So your business has grown and you need a server. Without a doubt, there are questions you will have. What type of server should you buy? How do you build the network? What capabilities will you need? How much do you want to spend? That’s a lot to think about. Have our team at Computero help you find the right server and provide our server installation services for your small/medium size business.

Computero specializes in all aspects of IT server installation services and deployment services for businesses in New York. Servers provide a secure and convenient place for your data, making them very much worth the thought. For an in-depth article about server installation and choosing a server for a small business, visit our blog.


Customize the appearance and operation of your network, servers, and desktop computers to offer the best user experience possible (your interface, internet, desktops, etc.). We’ll help you figure out the most optimal setup for your business needs.


Maximizing network safety is one of the most important focuses for your business. Control all aspects of security along with access and restrictions to your networks, servers, computers and data (e.g., firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware, web and data security)


Having a well organized small business network is important. Ensure your network is well-connected so that you have access to printers/copiers, computers, email, applications, wireless devices through routers, switches and other network equipment/edge devices.


Your server is the heart of your business network. It is the “brains” responsible for data storage, data access, security, backups, drives, power supply and more.


Computero offers fast and reliable cloud servers to replace your in-house servers and we provide 24/7 server support.


Our Rapid Response Team™ are experienced and certified network administrators that can handle any server problem, upgrade or migration to ensure your servers and network are running efficiently. Contact us when you need help.

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