New York is a hub for so many different industries – Long Island included. Nassau and Suffolk counties are both areas with growing and competing businesses of all sizes. Many companies and industries are experiencing a lot of development all over the island. Take the Long Island Railroad, for example, with its huge ongoing expansion project to build a third rail. You can drive by many streets on Long Island that are filled with dental offices, urgent cares, and other healthcare providers. Maybe you’ve noticed the multitude of manufacturing companies, especially in more industrialized areas of Nassau and Suffolk. There are many law offices located on every other corner, as well as accounting firms, and financial companies. One thing that all of these Long Island businesses need, no matter the type of business or size, is a good managed IT service provider and with Computero, you can equip your business with the best IT support on Long Island.

Who We Are

Computero is a managed IT service provider based in Forest Hills, Queens, NY. We have worked with countless small to medium sized businesses located in New York for more than 14 years. Our clients love our responsive, reliable, and knowledgeable team of technicians. No matter what, we will always put your IT needs first.

Fire Island on Long Island NY
Fire Island, NY | Image Credit: Julian Bracero

Who We Service

Computero is dedicated to providing the highest quality IT support to our clients across Long Island and all of NY. We have worked with countless companies in Nassau and Suffolk counties, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and other areas of NY. We service many industries, including: legal, non-profit, transportation, engineering and architecture, accounting, finance, healthcare and manufacturing, among others. These are all industries that are commonly located all over Long Island. So no matter what type of business you own or represent, we’re happy to help with your managed IT services on Long Island.

Managed IT You Need, When You Need It

Computero is located in Forest Hills in Queens, NY. We’re just a two-minute walk from the Long Island Railroad, giving us access to all of Nassau and Suffolk County via the LIRR. But don’t worry, we’re very much car people too! Our technicians can easily get to anywhere on Long Island by traveling on the Long Island Expressway, Cross Island Parkway, Northern State Parkway, you name it.

When your business needs technical assistance, long wait times can be a hassle. We understand that tech issues can hinder normal business operations, and constant uptime is essential. Computero is always available to help your business with all of your tech needs. Simply give us a cal. We’ll help you schedule an appointment and get our techs out in the field as quickly as possible. That way, your technology doesn’t have to wait. 

IT Services for SMBs available in Forest Hills, Queens, NY
A lovely residential street in Forest Hills, Queens, NY, that comes to life in the spring. This old car is a favorite of ours that we often see on our commutes. | Credit: Hanyang Zhang
Managed IT You Need, When You Need It
When you hear “Cherry Blossoms in New York,” most people think: Central Park but there’s actually plenty in Forest Hills, NY, as well. Trust us, they’re worth the visit! | Credit: Hanyang Zhang

Our IT Help Desk

Computero’s help desk and Rapid Response Team offers the best IT support and service for businesses on Long Island. Our technicians are fully trained, certified, and experienced to help you and your employees. Simply give us a call and one of our technicians will be ready to provide you with top-notch assistance. We have worked with countless companies to fix any problems quickly and efficiently so that they could get right back to work. Our technicians often solve issues remotely by virtually accessing your device or guiding you through steps so that you can continue with your day but we’re also ready to arrive on-site, if and whenever needed. Additionally, techs are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your tech, software, or anything of the like. That’s what top-notch IT services are all about.

Does your company have the right IT infrastructure set up? Cabling, wiring, a modem and router, a firewall, a switch, a patch panel, a working phone system, server(s), printers, and other devices are just some of the essential parts of your network. There is surely a lot that goes into building a small business network but it doesn’t have to be a complicated hassle to establish your new network. Computero will help you every step of the way. We start from the beginning by analyzing your current IT infrastructure and office space to create the best possible plan for your business. Maybe your office has a small IT closet or even an entire room that can be dedicated to your IT needs. No matter the situation, we’ll find the best solution for whatever you currently have available. 

managed it services - networks and wiring

Your New Small Business Network

We’ve worked with countless SMBs to physically install and set up hardware like servers, computers, printers and phone systems, to name a few. Our technicians are professionally trained and certified to set up your network quickly and efficiently. Some of our clients have needed a quick turnaround to get their systems up and running right away and we’ve been able to deliver in a timely manner with great customer satisfaction.

It Doesn’t End There..

As important as the installation of your network is, keeping that network safe and secure is just as significant. Almost no industry is immune to cyber risks and security challenges. This includes ransomware, viruses, malware, or even natural disasters, that can compromise your system(s). And unfortunately, these threats, especially ransomware, are becoming even worse as technology and Ai evolves. Hackers are becoming more capable of threatening entire networks and that’s not all. At Computero, we monitor your system 24/7, 365 days a year. Server monitoring and desktop and application management are some of the services we offer to keep your systems running smoothly. If we see a device or application that isn’t running at optimal performance, we’ll alert your business and try to solve the problem remotely so that your employees can continue working without interruption.

Uptime Is Critical – Especially for Businesses

No matter the size or type of business, we know you value your uptime. Customers and employees need to know that you’re a reliable resource, and that starts with a good IT provider. We provide the best support so that your business can minimize downtime and improve company efficiency and productivity.

How Managed IT Services and Support Work for You and Your Long Island Business

A lot of SMBs benefit from having a managed IT company like Computero by their side. Long Island is home to many growing companies of various industries, including healthcare, accounting, manufacturing, and even nonprofit organizations. There are a lot of costs associated with managing a small to medium sized business, especially on Long Island – from expensive rent to high taxes. Staffing and salary surely come into play when examining costs that your company will have to pay. Many companies on Long Island are realizing that an external managed IT company is a great replacement for costly in-house IT. Why hire a salaried internal tech for a small company of 50 people when you could get managed IT services for a fraction of the cost? Whether your business has 10 or 200 employees, a managed IT service provider is the perfect solution to reduce costs while still having an IT professional by your side, ensuring the technological security of your business operations. Our managed IT services and support is the right choice for your Long Island SMB, and here’s why.

Benefits of our Managed IT Services for Long Island SMBs

  • Lower costs for excellent service
  • Helpful, reliable, and professionally trained technicians
  • Constant support when your business needs it
  • More flexibility for your business and its employees
  • Improved security with IT professionals managing software/hardware
  • IT won’t be so much of a headache with us by your side
  • Expert solutions in case of an emergency

Contact Us to Learn More

Browse our website to learn more about all of our tech services and IT support available on Long Island. Or, give us a call at (888) TECH-365. Our sales department will work with you to find the best solutions for your business needs.

Computero offers IT services on LI for SMBs

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