IT Support for Architecture & Engineering Firms

Today’s architects and engineers utilize a lot of high-powered technology in order to problem-solve but such sophisticated technology requires oversight and management, in order to operate efficiently and securely. Cyber criminals, for instance, are skilled in identifying and exploiting technological vulnerabilities, for the purpose of carrying out cyber attacks and compromising systems but outside interference isn’t the only thing to fear. Technology can fail, data can be lost and mistakes happen. So much of this can be avoided with the right IT services and IT support in place. Partnering with a managed service provider like Computero can give architecture and engineering firms the much needed efficiency, security and processing power that they require.

Architecture and engineering firms require robust technology that can handle high-powered software and hardware that can hold a lot of memory. They need to be running constantly with minimal downtime, as well as stay backed up, to ensure that no progress is lost. Good communication is a must to keep businesses running without interruption. Engineers and architects should both maximize their cybersecurity.

No matter the size of your engineering team or architecture firm, IT support is imperative to help manage technological operations and security properly. Computero offers solutions specifically catered towards your architecture and engineering needs. We know just how important high-powered and reliable technology is, and we’ll work with you to create an ideal IT management plan. 

It support for engineering firms
It support for engineering firms

Industry Specific Software and Technology

Engineers require robust technology and good IT support for all of their software and hardware needs. Many engineering softwares and applications only run with certain specifications or are available solely on Windows devices. Additionally, they often require “minimum specifications” that’ll allow the software to run at its best, so it’s important for engineers to use the best technology to run these apps. Computer aided design (CAD) softwares, like Autodesk Inventor or AutoCAD, will function best with a high-quality graphics card, for example. Architectural firms will often use CAD to create their designs, so their devices must be high-powered, robust in memory, and reliable. They cannot have systems that crash often or don’t allow them to save their work without the right backups, or else they would lose all of their progress. Coding applications run best with the right RAM (randomly allocated memory). Architects and engineers who use these types of softwares will need the right hardware to maximize efficiency to create their best work. 

We provide IT support for the following software (and beyond) but these are some of the most common programs used by our clients in the industry:

  • Adobe CC Suite
  • AutoCAD
  • AutoDesk Vault
  • AutoDesk Inventor
  • Rhino
  • Bluebeam
  • RISA / RISA-3D
  • Tekla Structural Designer
  • Vectorworks
  • Weyerhaeuser Design Engine

Collaboration and Communication is Essential

For engineers and architects, collaboration in the workplace is key. One employee might work on something that requires input from another, or several individuals will work together in teams to create a project. Additionally, your engineering or architecture firm might be structured with several different teams within it – perhaps for projects they are working on or the type of work they specialize in. Having the right forms of communication, for both on-site and remote work, is critical for architects and engineers.

With the right managed IT services, engineers and architects can optimize their digital communication networks. Voice over IP phone systems (VoIP) makes communication over the phone more reliable, easy, and streamlined. VoIP operates via internet connection rather than landlines and offers a lot of excellent features for businesses to leverage. Whether contacting clients, outsourcing, or speaking within your company, VoIP can help with stable communication. 

Google applications like Workspace and Gmail are also great for business-related communications. Google offers so many ways to easily collaborate through their Gmail interface. Employees can “chat” with each other or utilize “Teams” to create group chats and work with several individuals at a time. This is a great way to perhaps structure your organization, especially if there are different groups of architects or engineers working on an assignment, for example. With their group chats, they can easily communicate any immediate requests or comments via chat. The features within Google Workspace for enterprises creates a great solution for hybrid and remote models, especially for collaborative fields. It emulates the in-person workplace as much as possible, so engineers and architects can continue working together with minimal disruption. To learn more about some amazing Google Workspace features, visit our Google Workspace Help Zone

IT support for architecture firms

Uptime is Important

Downtime can easily disrupt normal business operations, making it harder for architects and engineers to reach their strict project deadlines. Constant uptime is critical for both engineering and architecture firms. With constant server and network monitoring, a well managed service provider can be on top of any disruptions, and work to resolve it in a timely manner. 

Advanced Safety for Engineers and Architects

With the rise in cyberattacks, engineering and architecture are some of the most targeted industries. Having good cybersecurity and a reliable safety program in place will help your organization plan against a possible threat or risk. The engineering sector faces a lot of cyber risks and threats, especially with the high-tech developments and increasingly digital infrastructure that so many of us rely on. Hackers are drawn to a lot of the technology, software, and data that architects and engineers use. This includes “smart” and IoT (internet of things) devices, legal information, management software, financial data, confidential documents and plans, and much more. Without the right security measures, cybercriminals could easily access information for certain architecture or engineering projects, for example, including budgeting plans, CAD drawings, codes, designs, or more. 

Hackers can easily steal from architecture and engineering firms if they have the following:

  • Outdated legacy software or operating systems
  • Older devices that are no longer supported
  • Lack of firewalls, business-grade antivirus software, two-step authentication, etc. for all devices and networks
  • Insufficient cybersecurity awareness training, making employees more vulnerable to social engineering and phishing attacks

Good IT support will help with advanced protection and ensure that networks aren’t penetrated. 

Data Backups and Cloud Technology

For engineers and architects, having constant records and backups of projects is essential, especially when designs are often created in digital software. It would cause mass disarray if hours upon hours of work put into a CAD drawing just disappeared. That’s why backups and even cloud based technology are essential managed IT services for architects and engineers. With so much work being saved on computers, it’s important to constantly save files and have backups of every project. 

IT support for architecture firms
It support for engineering and architecture firms

How Can Managed IT Support Help Your Engineering or Architecture Firm?

IT support, provided by a reliable managed service provider like Computero, can help alleviate the challenges that come with information technology for your organization. Having a managed IT service provider instead will give you all the expertise your company needs at a reasonable price. As mentioned above, there is a lot of IT support critical for engineering and architecture firms especially.

A managed IT service provider, like Computero, can help you with all the following: 

  • Reliable backups so you don’t have to worry about losing information
  • Constant upkeep of devices, operating systems (OS), and critical software, so that you’re always operating on the latest versions available
  • Server and device monitoring, so that we can always make sure that your network is safe, or alert you when we foresee a risk or threat
  • Ideal communication measures, whether it’s VoIP phone systems or email/workspaces, since both architecture and engineering are both such a collaborative fields