Healthcare IT Services

Modern businesses rely on technological infrastructure to manage operations, store data and streamline service delivery. The healthcare industry requires IT infrastructure to optimize patient care, streamline administrative processes, and remain compliant. However, IT infrastructure in healthcare involves a lot of management, attention, and protection, which is why it’s best to work with a managed service provider that specializes in healthcare IT services and that has already existing clients in the healthcare sector.

Many healthcare professionals may be wary of handing over critical infrastructure to strangers but it’s essential to remain efficient, organized, and protected. With the increased use of technology in healthcare, IT services are necessary for all healthcare practices, including hospitals, dental offices, and more.

That’s where Computero comes in. We are a managed IT service provider that delivers professional, reliable, managed IT solutions, support, and services for small and mid-sized businesses. As a managed IT service firm, we oversee the entire infrastructure, such as hardware and software installation, data center or server setup, and network wiring. We also provide consultation services on keeping IT networks safe and compliant. If your health facility is looking for reliable healthcare IT-managed services, contact us for a consultation.

What Healthcare IT Services Do We Provide at Computero?

Healthcare IT services entail many elements, including a good antivirus program, high-end servers, backups, and HIPAA-compliant technology. At Computero, we provide this and much more, which is why many healthcare establishments entrust their healthcare and cybersecurity needs to our firm.

Our range of services falls into the following broad categories:

Health Tech Services

Our team of professional IT experts provides high-quality end-to-end computer and tech services to make healthcare facilities more efficient. Our healthcare IT services include the following:

Hardware, server, and software installation

Any business with digital data must take steps to protect it with hardware and software. We provide expert advice in evaluating if the hardware and software used in an establishment meet the proper criteria and provide expert installation, setup, and removal services.

Computer repair services

Our managed IT services firm provides onsite computer repair and IT support for healthcare facilities in the New York City Metro Area. No matter the problem with your computers, network router, or any other element of your IT infrastructure, we can diagnose the problem and provide a reliable solution.

Network installation services

At Computero, we believe that outstanding IT performance starts with excellent design. That’s why we provide network design, installation, optimization, monitoring, and maintenance services for healthcare establishments.

Wireless networking

Wireless networking reduces cabling problems in a facility and allows for better accommodation of mobile devices in the office. It also becomes easier to access information from anywhere and anytime, making collaboration more straightforward in a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) world.

VoIP phone system installation

We provide ALLWORX, the latest system developed by the best and brightest senior engineers. The phone system allows users to program “call routes” depending on whether they want all phones to ring, some phones, or specific phones in the facility. It allows calls to be routed to pre-programmed numbers when the recipient is unavailable.

Network cabling and wiring services

Proper network cabling and wiring are crucial because it connects the devices in the business, for example, servers, network-attached storage, firewalls, phones, printers, scanners, and switches.

Whatever tech service issue you’re struggling with, it’s crucial to have a professional handle it. Our team of experts is always ready to answer your call of distress. By establishing a lasting partnership with us, you never have to worry about tech services and can focus on providing quality services to your clients.

Doctor and nurse in scrubs performing surgery with light above them, healthcare

Healthcare IT Support

Healthcare facilities that rely on technology require IT support round the clock to keep the systems working efficiently. They can’t afford the costs of prolonged downtime, so they must resolve network issues quickly. Our range of services in IT support for healthcare includes the following:

24/7 IT helpdesk

Our team developed an NYC IT help desk designed to provide 24/7/365 rapid response to support various applications like virus and malware infections, desktop performance issues, printer installations and support, email applications, and browsers, and hardware and network troubleshooting.

Network management support

Our team identifies and resolves network issues before they become critical, which can inhibit proper operations, impacting service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Managed cloud hosting

Managed cloud hosting is crucial in enabling users to safely manage their applications and enterprise data on the private cloud. We offer antivirus on the cloud to provide a safe environment to prevent malicious actors from taking over the IT platform.

Managed IT security

Computero uses a multilayered approach to securing clients’ IT data and infrastructure to protect sensitive information using the most recent and secure healthcare cybersecurity methods. Our team also monitors the network for unusual activities to take preventative measures before disaster strikes.

Application management

We install various agents on your IT systems to monitor them from a central point to keep everything running at peak performance. Our application support options include backups, antivirus, drive space, critical updates, and hardware and software monitoring.

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act stipulates safety standards for protecting sensitive patient data. Healthcare establishments must have specific physical, process, and network security measures and follow them to be HIPAA compliant. The security rule protects patients’ health information privacy while enabling covered facilities to adopt new technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care.

Getting Started with Healthcare IT Services

Health offices have a lot to manage regarding IT, including implementing cybersecurity measures to protect their data against malware or ransomware. They also need to secure their data management storage and have an IT strategy that maximizes uptime and limits downtime for better efficiency in operations, management, record handling, service delivery, and customer satisfaction. More importantly, they must keep up with regulatory compliance and disaster recovery.

All these tasks can be hard to accomplish without the right team. In-house IT teams are often overwhelmed with the day-to-day tasks of managing the IT systems and may not do an excellent job in providing support and services around the clock.

A managed IT service provider with an understanding of how the system works is the best solution for dealing with and preventing IT-related challenges. Computero is a managed IT service provider based in New York that provides IT outsourcing at affordable costs. Contact us to schedule a consultation to see how we can help you.