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Finding the right hardware and software for your small/medium sized business can be pricey and time consuming. Let the experts handle it. Instead of wondering whether or not your software meets the right criteria, we’re happy to investigate for you.

At Computero, we can provide you with expert hardware software installation, including setup and removal services. Your applications will be configured for optimal performance and we will provide ongoing updates/patches to best protect your business. Better yet, we’ll even show you how to use it. Before you purchase any software or hardware, we encourage you to ask us for a recommendation that best suits the needs of your organization.


Installing the right software might seem simple. You search up a software for billing, research for a few minutes, and opt for one of the first softwares you see. Sure, there are a lot of programs that are easy to install out-of-box. You’ve probably installed many of them yourself. Too many times, however, people experience slowness or even security risks due to incorrect installations. That’s frustrating and expensive. 

Computero™ can help you in that department to avoid the headache and mistakes made when finding any old software. We provide professional hardware and software installation and removal for all your applications. While you might be able to install most applications remotely, we also provide onsite services for companies in the NYC metro area.

hardware & software installation


If your company is just starting up or you are looking to upgrade your old devices, finding the right hardware is important. Yet again, it doesn’t need to be a hassle. Our IT professionals and sales department understand that hardware needs might vary depending on your industry, business sizes, and needs. We’re well versed in different types of PCs, servers, and other devices. We will help you find the most appropriate and cost effective solution for your business with up-to-date hardware.

We also make sure that your hardware is always running at its best with monitoring services. Our technicians can tell you when we see any potential issues, like low disk space or slow drives. We’ll be able to schedule an on-site or remotely fix the problem, depending on the severity of the alert. This way, you never have to worry about inefficient hardware or software and can always focus on work.


Did you know that software gets less secure as it gets old? Some people feel that once they own a piece of software, that it’s good forever. That is surely not the case and is very risky to assume. “Legacy software” refers to old applications that are outdated and no longer have proper technically supported features, but are still in use. The lack of patching and inability to keep up with modern day hackers puts old software at a huge risk. Threat actors will see that and immediately choose to attack – after all, it’s easy when there’s an unpatched vulnerability in plain sight.

Attacks on old software are very real. In May 2017, for example, there was a huge worldwide ransomware attack known as WannaCry. That ransomware disseminated through unpatched old software. In late 2021, hackers were able to find a vulnerability in Log4j, which is a tool used in the game Minecraft. The threat actors were able to access sensitive information and deploy malware within just 12 hours. Luckily, developers saw this issue quickly and were able to patch it up. These are just two examples of legacy software exploits, and surely, they are not the only cases. If these softwares were more up to date, hackers wouldn’t have found these flaws, which would greatly reduce the risk of an attack.


Updates consist of critical changes. They are designed to improve, stabilize and secure the applications running on your computer. Updates are especially important for your operating system (OS). Think about it: your OS is basically the sole “operator” of your computer. If it isn’t running properly or if it has some unpatched flaws, how would that affect your device? It might operate slowly and will surely be at a huge risk for attacks.

Computero can work with you to make sure your systems are always up-to-date. We will manage scheduled updates on our end, at a time that is most convenient for you and your employees so that it doesn’t interrupt your day.

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