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Install it correctly and update it regularly.

You’ve got digital data, protect it with the right hardware and software


Instead of wondering whether or not your software meets the proper criteria, we’re happy to investigate for you. We’ll provide you with expert hardware software installation, including setup and removal services. Applications will be configured for optimal performance and we will provide ongoing updates/patches. Better yet, we’ll even show you how to use it. Before you purchase any software or hardware, we encourage you ask us for a recommendation that best suits the needs of your organization.


Sure, there are a lot of programs that are easy to install out-of-box. You’ve probably installed many of them yourself. Too many times, however, people experience slowness, even on newer computers, due to incorrect installations. That’s frustrating and expensive.

Computero™ provides professional hardware software installation and removal for all your applications. While you might be able to install most applications remotely, we provide onsite services for companies in the NYC metro area.

Old software is bad software because it’s not secure.

Did you know that as software gets older, it is a lot less secure? Some people feel that once they own a piece of software, that it’s good forever. However, this is a risky thing to assume. In May 2017, for example, there was a huge worldwide ransomware attack known as WannaCry. That ransomware disseminated through unpatched old software. More recently, ransomware has become an even bigger threat for industries like health care. It is important to keep updating software frequently. Updates consist of critical changes, designed to improve, stabilize and secure the applications running on your computer. This is especially significant when it comes to operating system (OS) updates.

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