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IT Field Services (On-Site IT Support)

Computero works with small and medium sized businesses to help manage their IT security.

Your IT network has a lot of components. From installing a manageable system to monitoring all your devices, there’s a lot to worry about. A managed IT service provider (MSP) can help you to simplify your IT. Computero’s IT field services, also known as, on-site IT support, give your business the necessary networking tools to get your business up and running. We’ll keep working with you to keep it that way too.


What Field Services Means

Computero’s responsive team of technicians is always equipped with the right tools to help you out. We will come prepared with all of the equipment we’ll need to assist you. IT (information technology) field service technicians help organizations install and configure a system’s hardware and software. They will complete tasks including: installing and configuring laptops, PCs, and tablets, installing printers, fixing network connectivity issues, setting up VoIP telephone systems, and more. We’ll also test and assess your technology, help your on-staff organization understand our IT equipment and software, order any necessary hardware/software equipment, and more. Our team of technicians is certified and ready to take on any on-site IT services that your business may need.

Why You Might Need Field Services

If your small or medium sized business is moving, adding an office or you’re looking to upgrade or maintain your equipment, you might be in need of IT field services. Perhaps your company needs computer repair or would like to install a new phone system. In these cases, on-site IT support is a necessity. Although many technological issues can be fixed remotely, a lot of them also require hands-on attention from a certified technician. IT field service technicians are here to help you in those cases.


Laptop and Computer Setup

Setting up your computer for business work might seem like an overwhelming task. Our field technicians can help you with laptop and computer setups. We can visit you on-site to set up your device, connect it to your network, and make any customizations needed. Computero has worked with a plethora of organizations, and has assisted with things such as downloading business grade software and applications. We’ll start off by uploading your operating system (i.e Windows 10). We can work with you to create accounts for your device and install any necessary software, web browser, and applications for your business. We’ll customize your device to fit your requirements. That way, you’ll have a laptop that’s ready for use and not just a generic device you’d find in the store.

Setting up Devices for Your Business

Need 5 new laptops for new hires, or want to upgrade your devices for all employees? Computero can help with laptop and computer setup for the entire business. We’ll install the necessary operating system, applications, and software that your company needs, as well as protective measures on our end. With us managing your network, we’ll always have an eye on what’s going on with your cybersecurity.

Our technicians will also help with office installations so we can investigate and download the necessary software and hardware for your company. Although some programs are relatively easy to install and configure, incorrect setup can slow down your network and make you more vulnerable to attacks. IT field service technicians will provide on-site IT support in the NYC metro area to professionally download (or remove) software. We’ll also work with you to monitor frequent backups and keep your OS and software up to date.


Network Installation

Our team at Computero knows that the first step to a good network is evaluating and catering to available space. We consider all factors in the network installation process, such as where to put your server, network accessibility, safety, ventilation, and power supply. From there, we work to design a network that fits your needs. Computero has designed networks of all sizes, from small IT closets to large IT rooms with 5 or 10 racks.

Server Installation

If your business has grown and you need a server, you probably have a lot of questions. What type of server should you buy? How do you build the network? What capabilities does your server need? How much will it cost and what is the budget? That’s a lot to think about. Our team can help you find and install the right server with our field services. We specialize in all aspects of IT server installation for businesses in the New York metro area.

We’ll help you customize a server tailored to your business needs. With our on-site IT support, our technicians will set up your new server and ensure that your network is well-connected with readily available access to printers, scanners, computers, and other parts of your network.

Post-installation, our team takes it to the next level by constantly monitoring your server 24/7. We will control all aspects of your server security through comprehensive measures including firewall installation and antivirus software.


Cabling and Wiring

We can help your company clean up the spaghetti wiring mess. Field technicians work with businesses to install cabling and wiring for their networks. Proper network cabling and wiring is essential. Wires connect each device in your business and give your network a connection to the outside world. That way, you can access the internet and conduct business. Our certified technicians understand what goes into cabling, the different types of wires involved, and how to properly create an organized wiring system. Our team will also do extensive testing to make sure that your wires are working properly and troubleshoot any issues.

Wireless Networking

A Computero technician is available to come on-site for wireless network setup. WiFi networks can be expensive and difficult to service. We’ll help you make your wireless network more affordable, safe, and simple. Our wireless network services include:

  • Evaluating your current network
  • Designing, installing, and configuring a new WiFi router
  • Configuring WiFi access points
  • Testing and troubleshooting network connectivity
  • Securing your wireless network and implementing wireless encryption to safeguard transmitted data and more

We understand WiFi is easily accessible and a great option for internet connection. Our technicians are here to help you find a the best solution for your networking needs.


VoIP Phone Installation

Computero’s field service technicians can work with you to install voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems. Allworx VoIP phones are a great option for small businesses. We can help you with on-site installation, as well as management services and features like call forwarding, call routes, and creating new extensions. Your VoIP phone will run on an office ethernet network, or your local area network (LAN), similar to personal computers. That makes for easy set up, so no need to worry about complicated phone installations.

Data and Network Recovery

With Computero as your managed service provider (MSP), we can help you in case of an emergency. Things happen, from natural disasters like fires to cyber attacks. We work with you to create data backups and monitor your network to prevent your devices from getting malware, ransomware, or viruses. In case your business needs data recovery, our technicians can go on-site to help our clients. We can go through steps of the installation process, such as network and server set up, as well as recover old data or files if need be.


Computero for your Field Services

If you’re a small or medium sized business in the New York City metropolitan area, Computero can help you with all your IT needs. We work with businesses in QueensNYCNassau CountyLong Island, and more to provide the best managed IT services and on-site IT support. Our headquarters is centrally located in Queens, NY, giving us easy access to the rest of the NYC metro area. That way, no matter where you are, we can always have a technician out on the field, helping you with installations and troubleshooting.

Our technicians are reliable, knowledgeable, attentive, and here to help. They’ll work with you so that you can better understand your own technological network. We create great relationships with our customers as well, and are always here to help in case of an emergency. Computero has our field techs ready to be there for you when you need them, to limit the amount of downtime or difficulties in your network. That way, your tech systems will be up and running right away, whether you’re installing a new printer or fixing a failing computer. Our field services are top-tier, and with Computero, you’ll always get reliable Covid-safe on-site IT support. Our technicians are also available via our NYC IT help desk just by calling Computero.