With our IT services for accounting firms offering, we can help you solve and troubleshoot technical accounting issues, embrace new technologies and protect your data.

Accounting involves a lot of money, as well as sensitive personal information, and with so much valuable, digital data, having good IT support is essential for all accountants, accounting firms and accounting departments. Accounting businesses must protect their data and stay up to date with compliance requirements. Protecting your accounting firm includes good antivirus software, end-to-end protection, and frequent upgrades and monitoring of all systems. Poor upkeep of your accounting IT can lead to serious risks, especially with so much monetary and personal data on the line. Threats include data breaches, theft, ransomware, and a tarnished reputation, just to name a few.

Every company, regardless of its size, is susceptible to cyber attacks. A simple interruption of your business caused by connectivity issues or poorly configured systems can make a huge difference in whether a day is profitable or not.

Working with Computero offers reliable managed IT support for accountants to ensure your firm takes the most responsible approach to optimize the efficiency of your operations and the safekeeping of the information you’ve been entrusted with. The updated and new systems available for accounting usually require some getting used to and we feel great satisfaction by helping our clients progress. 

IT Services for Accounting Firms

Why Choose Computero As Your Accounting Information Technology Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Leading accounting firms trust Computero for accounting cyber security for several reasons. Our IT support specialists are qualified and experienced to offer scalable and bespoke services to enable firms to achieve real business goals. All our services are accredited and certified to comply with industry standards. We aim to ensure your firm will meet the demand of your clients and improve employee productivity.   

Some of our managed IT Services for Accounting Firms include:

  • Adopt and customize end-user applications
  • Integrate the chosen practice management system
  • Provide strategic advice and business IT consultancy
  • Offer remote and on-site IT support services
  • Install and maintain the IT infrastructure
  • Achieve the most out of your firm’s cloud technology solutions
  • Protect your firm from cybersecurity threats
  • Upgrade your existing business communications solutions 

Our IT Support for Accountants

Software solutions have the largest and most disruptive impact of all information technology advancements shaping the accounting sector. In the latter half of the 20th century, technological firms created spreadsheet software for computer accounting procedures. This replaced manual and handwritten methods like ledges and calculators and made it possible to automate equations using an electronic spreadsheet.

However, the use of software for accounting procedures poses a security risk. Hackers are proactively looking for loopholes to attack and steal data. The cost of data breaches is extraordinarily high and can lead to a total business downfall when not properly resolved. With cybersecurity accounting solutions, you can ensure your processes are safe from attacks and your businesses will suffer no downtime.

Computero offers the following IT Services for Accounting Firms:

Help Desk: Remote IT Support for Accounting Firms

When you have a support agreement with us, you receive unlimited remote IT support. All you have to do is put in a support request by phone or email. We provide round-the-clock IT support to ensure your business and staff can get the assistance needed to solve any technical issues.

Field Services: On-Site IT Support for Accountants

Our technicians offer in-house and on-site IT support if you have an issue we can’t resolve remotely. We create long-term and ongoing partnerships that act like an extension of your business or work alongside your in-house IT team. 

IT Consulting Services for Accounting Firms

We provide specialized IT consulting for accounting firms tailored to their unique needs and industry trends. After we assess and understand your firm, we will develop a bespoke strategy to keep you compliant and help achieve your business objectives. 

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure is part of our managed services. Our experts will monitor your IT systems and infrastructure to identify and rectify issues immediately before they lead to serious and costly problems. We use this method to keep your accountancy firms safe and ready to deal with attacks.

Complementary IT Support

If your firm already has an established IT team, we can partner with you to help you achieve your IT goals. In most cases, we deal with all of the IT issues while the in-house team focuses on the big picture. Or, it could mean taking the reins for significant IT development projects like creating a customized cloud infrastructure while the in-house team deals with day-to-day activities.

Accountancy Application and Infrastructure Support

Whether you want to customize your existing toolstack, integrate a new PMS, or transform your IT systems to facilitate agile work, our team can help. We’ll develop and implement the strategy best suited to your needs.

Trends to Look Out For In the Accounting Sector        

Accounting technology has advanced over the past years, adapting to the evolving needs of the workforce. Computero helps you learn and implement significant technological advancements to stay relevant and competitive. 

  • Cloud computing: Cloud computing allows accountants to rent server spaces from off-premise locations while accessing information stored over the internet. The cloud-based software systems free up spaces on the firms’ internal hard drives and can easily be used by multiple workers to collaborate from different places.
  • Outsourced accounting: Most modern companies downsize their accounting departments by hiring a third-party provider for outsourced accounting services. Accounting firms rely on technology and IT support for seamless financial reporting at a low cost and eliminating downtimes.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) and Enterprise resource planning (ERP) programs: CRM and ERP platforms incorporate accounting technology. Integrating your accounting process into your company’s existing systems lets accountants keep track of expenses, work hours, payments, and invoices. Additionally, the platforms make it easy for accountants to communicate with coworkers and clients.
  • Virtual communication platforms: Cloud-based communication platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, make sharing of information seamless via video, voice, and chat. It eliminates the challenge accountants feel when trying to relay information to coworkers.

Keep Your Accounting Firm Operational & Secure With IT Support From Computero

Technicians at Computero specialize in offering real-time and reliable IT support services. We will keep an eye on your most critical IT infrastructure and will be the first to know when an issue arises. Get in touch with Computero today to get started.