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Computero offers server monitoring and management services to ensure that your servers are running smoothly.



Regularly scheduled server maintenance and online technician availability allows us to: reduce server interruptions, shorten lead times for troubleshooting, quickly deploy server software, updates and maintenance, set thresholds so we can act on warnings before it affects your IT environment, provide higher availability of resources, track the overall health of your infrastructure and provide comprehensive reporting, ensure a well-flowing IT infrastructure environment, increase the lifespan of your server equipment so you maximize ROI of your infrastructure investments.

Having deep insight into your IT infrastructure allows us to optimize your servers for peak performance, properly plan for application upgrades, and provide enhanced server security.

All of these elements impact the longevity of your servers and lower costs in the long-run. Additionally, outsourcing the management of your servers decreases the need to maintain a large IT staff. Server management is an incredibly cost effective way of ensuring your IT systems are well maintained, up-to-date and secure.


Our system can monitor your entire IT infrastructure or be customized to monitor only your most critical IT components and applications 24/7.


Our technicians are trained in many off-the-shelf applications and our technology can integrate with any of your existing systems, such as PCs/MACs, mobile devices, CRM, HR management system, financial and accounting systems, printers and more.


Our system provides reports that offer deep insight into the health of your network. This data allows us to spot trends and plan for necessary upgrades that keeps your network healthy and even running better than before.


We can monitor the environment that your server is in so that you can avoid any external damage to your server. Factors like temperature, moisture/water, and fire can all impact server operation. High temperatures in your server room can cause your server to overheat. Performance will suffer, and at severely greater temperatures, the server will even shut down. If we monitor and detect rising temperatures, we can alert your organization immediately and take the appropriate action to make sure that no damage is done to the server. Water damage can completely halt server operations, sometimes making devices completely unusable and irreparable. In the case of a fire, your server might completely go under, which is why it’s important to have fire suppression for your server room. Environmental monitoring is important to limit any external threats to the server.


Our systems can help you monitor your server hardware, including power supply, memory, processors (CPU), and disk usage (hard drive, SSD). When server hardware reaches levels of poor performance, your server may run slowly or fail to operate at all. Our server monitoring software tracks information about power consumption, processing power, and memory usage. If we see an overutilization of server hardware, we can alert you before it becomes a major problem. That way, we can help you upgrade your RAM, backup your storage, or do whatever other steps we’d need to take to keep your server up and running. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late.


Monitoring a server backup is almost just as important as monitoring the server itself. Backing up a server is important to prevent data loss and protect any information that is stored on the server. Your backup might exist on-site, perhaps in the office, or off-site at a different location. Either way, the backup might still experience threats, so server backup monitoring is important to protect the backup. 


Completing a vulnerability assessment/scan is a must for all businesses. These scans will help you fully understand the risks that your organization might be facing, as well as help us take the appropriate measures to better protect your server and your network.


Keeping your server up-to-date is one of the most important ways to update the operating system. When developers release new updates, they include patches and bug fixes to cover up any vulnerabilities the old version had. The update will likely help things run more smoothly. After a while, developers might not support very old software (i.e., legacy software), so constant updates are important. Our server monitoring software will work to make sure that your server is always running on the latest version. We will help you update your server when the time comes.


If disk space is overutilized, you can easily run into the error of not having enough storage when you need it. At Computero, we will monitor your disk space to make sure that you will never run into that problem. We will alert you before it’s too late; that way, you don’t have to worry about not having space on your server or devices.



All of Computero’s server monitoring and management services will help your business stay sure that your servers are always running smoothly. We are acutely aware and work to monitor and manage your server 24/7, 365 days a year.

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