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There are a lot of things that go into your internet management and protection. From servers to antivirus software, you have to check a lot of boxes when it comes to creating a well-managed IT network for your business. Additionally, you need to keep these systems up and running after the initial installation, which can be difficult to upkeep without the proper IT team. Your IT security should be at the top of your list of priorities, but definitely should not be a hassle for your employees. That’s why Computero is here to service small and medium sized businesses all across towns in Nassau County on Long Island, New York.

Who We Are: About Computero

Computero is a managed IT service provider based in Queens, New York. We have helped many small and medium sized businesses with IT outsourcing in Nassau County. Clients love our responsive team and reliable services. No matter what, your needs will always be put first for the best IT support in the New York area.

Serving Businesses With Our IT Services in Nassau County

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We’re Right by Nassau County

Located in Forest Hills, Queens, we’re a short drive away from Nassau County. Whether it’s via the Grand Central Parkway, Cross Island Parkway, Southern State, or the LIRR, we’ll be there to assist you!

Nassau County Is a Hub for Business

Nassau County, located on Long Island, New York, has both residential areas as well as hubs for businesses. Driving through the county, you’ll notice homes switching into areas full of shopping, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, dental clinics, law offices, and more. Maybe you’re familiar with Roosevelt Field Mall or other central retail zones of the like. Do you have a small or medium sized is located in Nassau County? If you do, you want to make sure that your company’s network is protected at all times with managed IT services. That’s why Computero is here for your IT services in Nassau County.

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You Need Managed IT – We Can Help With That

IT can be a headache. Cyber crime is on the rise, protecting networks is getting more difficult. Companies want to prioritize organization under one managed system. Compliance is key for industries like healthcare and finance. Communication is important, and finding the best ways to facilitate said communication can be done with good IT. Managed IT is now a must-have for businesses. With Computero, we can help you rest-assured knowing that your IT is in good hands. That’s our job, after all.

Support When You Need IT

Our reliable and high-end IT technicians are always available during our business hours. We will also monitor your network 24/7, 365 days a year. Our NYC IT Help Desk will provide in-person and remote assistance to ensure that your systems are always up and running. Based in Forest Hills, we are just a few steps away from the NY subway for our NYC residents, and right near the Long Island Railroad for easy access to Nassau County. Our responsive technicians are available to come on-site as soon as possible whenever you have a problem. We understand that technical difficulties can cause downtime and be a challenge for your company, so we are here to help you whenever you need!

Network and Server Installation

We will help you install all parts of your network – from the wires and cables to the servers that run your entire office. When it comes to a secure IT system, the sheer amount of things that play a role in your network access may seem daunting. We’ll help you manage the headache. We provide services like cabling/wire installation, firewall installation, managed phone systems, server installation, and more. We can help you with your server for your business too, which will basically be the heart to any internet functions.

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At Computero, We Take It One Step Further…

Good IT services are a big investment. We understand that this is not just a one-time job. We are here to help you post-installation with management, support, and assistance. Computero provides services like application management, server management, and network and server monitoring. And we always check, test, and assure that you will get the best quality we provide. For example, after cabling and wiring, we undergo extensive testing for each cable to make sure they are all working properly. Quality assurance is key here at Computero.

Managing Your IT Security

We will help you with the most up-to-date cybersecurity methods to identify and resolve any network vulnerabilities and attacks to make sure that your data stays safe. Protecting your cybersecurity is important for your business, especially if you are managing a lot of data and information. We will help you at Computero with the best service and assistance.

Protecting You Against Those “What Ifs”

The unfortunate reality of technology is that it can go down at anytime. Computero works to help you mitigate any risks of downtime, data corruption, or anything of the like. Our constant network monitoring system notifies us when your device(s) need attention. We will provide the necessary help ASAP so that you can keep your network safe and protected. Computero can help you with data backups in case of a natural disaster or other emergency. We have helped many of our clients recover lost, old, or corrupted data so that they could get back up and running. So what if something happens? Well, Computero is always here for you.

Cybersecurity Shield
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And So Much More…

We have helped our clients with IT outsourcing in Nassau County. Looking for cloud hosting or application management? Maybe your business needs wireless networking for your customers. Have an outdated software with tons of client data but don’t know how to access or save it to a new device? We can help with all of that too! Click here to learn more about our tech services and IT support that we offer to our clients.

Managed IT Services for Your Small or Medium Sized Business, Anywhere in Nassau County

Health Care

Managed IT services for your healthcare organization are especially important, and luckily, Computero is a professional at protecting healthcare data. HIPAA protocol demands that medical facilities follow certain regulations when it comes to online systems. At Computero, we can help* you stay compliant.

*We do not provide specific compliance services, but rather a way to help your company stay compliant

Interested in learning more about healthcare and information technology? Read about how you could use cloud-based systems like Google Workspace to optimize your healthcare facility. Or learn about ransomware attacks on healthcare and how you can incorporate managed IT services to protect your company against ransomware. Computero is always working with medical organizations to provide them with the best support to optimize their systems and protect them from cyber attacks. We can do the same for you.

  • Baldwin, 11510, 11575
  • Bellmore, 11710
  • Bethpage, 11714, 11801
  • East Meadow, 11554, 11590
  • Franklin Square, 11010, 11552
  • Garden City, 11530
  • Glen Head, 11545
  • Great Neck, 11020, 11021
  • Merrick, 11566, 11520
  • Mineola, 11501, 11514
  • New Hyde Park, 11040
  • Seaford, 11783
  • Valley Stream, 11580, 11581, 11582
  • And more


Computero helps many types of industrial companies and we would love to help your business with our managed IT services. Some of the industries we provide support to are manufacturing, transportation, and engineering/architecture firms. We can provide services in areas across Nassau County.

  • East Meadow, 11554, 11590
  • Farmingdale, 11735, 11737
  • Freeport, 11520
  • Garden City Park, 11040
  • Hempstead, 11549, 11550, 11551
  • Hicksville, 11801
  • Inwood, 11096, 11559
  • Jericho, 11753, 11853
  • Merrick, 11566, 11520
  • Mineola, 11501, 11514
  • New Hyde Park, 11040, 11042
  • Oceanside, 11572
  • Wantagh, 11793, 11710
  • Westbury, 11590, 11514
  • And more

And Any of Your Business Needs!

Computero is here to help your small or medium sized businesses with managed IT services. Whether you have a healthcare facility or plumbing company, we are here to work with you to provide the best quality! As long as your a small or medium sized business, we are here to help any organization in Nassau County.

The Computero Guarantee

At Computero, we are always here to provide the best managed IT services for your business. We will pick up the phone and speak to you when you need it. Our sales team won’t sell you what you don’t need. We are honest – we will tell you if we can’t do something for you. Our technicians respect your priorities, needs, requests, and time. We stand by our work 100% and can assure you that Computero is the right choice for your managed IT services. Let’s get started: contact us today!

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