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Wireless Networking

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There are an array of reasons why you should go wireless. Not only will it reduce cabling problems in your office, but it’ll also better accommodate the use of mobile devices on your network. Information can be accessed anywhere and at anytime. The increased mobility that comes with a WiFi network makes collaboration a breeze in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) world. You’ll be able to benefit from improved responsiveness, easier network expansion and enhanced guest access. That is what makes wireless a great option!

As a leading IT services company, we also offer Managed IT Services which allows us to monitor your wireless network to ensure it remains working properly. If an issue is detected, our Rapid Response Team™ will troubleshoot and resolve the issue. We also provide monitoring services to make sure your Wi-Fi is always running and alert you if we see issues.



Wireless technology has been around for eternity it seems. Everyone utilizes it for business and for personal matters but many business owners feel that wireless networks are expensive and difficult to secure. With recent advances in technology, WiFi can be an affordable and convenient solution. Computero can install and configure your wireless network so it’s secure and efficient, using the most up-to-date technology and best practices. We offer wireless networks for companies with hundreds to thousands of users in the New York Metro area.

What do wireless network services include?

  • Evaluate your current WiFi network
  • Design, install and configure your new wireless network or optimize your existing wireless network
  • Ensure you use the best wireless equipment to obtain optimal signal, speed, strength and minimal interference
  • Test network connectivity (internet, networked-enabled computers, televisions, printers/copiers, other devices, etc.)
  • Enable devices to share data (files, pictures, emails, etc.)
  • Secure your WiFi and implement wireless encryption to safeguard your personal data (e.g., firewalls, anti-spam/malware, restricted user access, secure your broadband signal, change admin username/password, give your network a unique name/SSID, etc.)

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