Best VoIP for Small Business: AllWorx

Oct 25, 2023 | Solutions

You want a phone system that suits your small to medium sized business needs; something that’s cost effective, long-lasting, and scalable, specifically for your company — Finding that doesn’t have to be a hassle. At Computero Inc., we know that AllWorx is the best VoIP solution for your small business.

What Is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a type of phone system that uses the internet to make and receive calls. With a stable connection, communication with VoIP is easy, reliable and efficient. Many organizations are making the switch from traditional landline phones to Voice over IP. Why? Because VoIP is cost effective for small to medium sized businesses, and there are a plethora of perks and features that employees can take advantage of to optimize company productivity.

Your New Phone System: The VoIP Advantage

Why are so many companies starting to opt for VoIP over traditional telephone lines? What’s so great about voice over IP anyways? Your new phone system comes with a lot of benefits:

Cost Savings

Voice over IP phones are a great investment, and in the long run, will help your business save money. The average cost for a landline is far greater than it is for VoIP plans. Odds are cost savings will be both direct and indirect. VoIP itself is typically cheaper but beyond that, your business might see some indirect factors that lead to cost savings. That includes savings with remote work and no extra fees for add-on features.

Easily Scalable

If your business foresees expansion, VoIP will be your best friend. It’s easily scalable, so setting up new employees with new phone lines isn’t difficult.

Features for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

VoIP has some key features that help improve communication and efficiency. They’re wonderful for various business types and sizes and are especially useful for small businesses. AllWorx — our favorite VoIP provider — offers a call queue and automatic call distribution (ACD). The all queue, for instance, ensures that no calls are missed by placing incoming calls into a line (“queue”) to be answered. ACD “automatically distributes” these calls fairly among employees, so that each user within your organization contributes to taking calls. Should you want to customize this to any extent, that too, can be done.

High Quality Communication

As long as your business, home or office has a stable internet connection, call quality won’t be an issue. Having a reliable connection with both good bandwidth and internet speed makes for great communication with VoIP.

VoIP Phone System Installation: Where to Start

Perhaps your business has come to the conclusion that VoIP is a worthwhile investment. Even if you haven’t, we’re sure we’ll convince you by the end of this article! Let’s say you start researching VoIP providers and manufacturers- – but you’re bombarded with 30 different options. Which do you choose? What factors should you consider when making the decision? How do you choose the right VoIP provider for your business? A few things to consider when finding a VoIP provider are cost, services, features, support, and, of course, your IT service provider’s opinion!

How Do I Choose a VoIP Provider for My Business?

The Best VoIP for Small Business

When looking into a VoIP provider like AllWorx, you’ll want to consider a few things for your business.

  • How many calls do you anticipate to make and receive?
  • How large is your business?
  • Who are you calling? Are there remote workers?
  • What is the IT/managed phone budget?
  • What customer service does the VoIP provider offer?
  • Are there backups, analytical metrics and other features?

With questions like these in mind, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. Choosing your VoIP provider doesn’t have to be difficult with Computero’s reliable tech team by your side. Here at Computero, we trust AllWorx with all of our VoIP needs, and so do our business clients. We proudly install and manage AllWorx phones and systems so choosing a VoIP provider doesn’t have to be a hassle.

The AllWorx Benefit: Why It’s the Best Choice for SMBs

“Enterprise-Grade Features at an SMB Price” – AllWorx

AllWorx was created with small and medium sized businesses in mind. Their first VoIP communication system debuted in 2003, and the company has grown tremendously since then. AllWorx serves more than 50,000 customers across a plethora of industries, such as healthcare, professional business services, retail, government agencies and more. They’re not just a phone provider; AllWorx offers so many features built to complement your small business. AllWorx is the perfect fit no matter what your business is like, with many perks and benefits.


With AllWorx, you can always be reached by integrating your IP phone with your cell phone. You can also choose to route calls to your cell when you’re not in the office—that way they’ll be forwarded to your mobile device and no calls are missed.

Desktop Integration

Your phone system can be integrated with your desktop, which syncs things like numbers, contacts, and activity status. It also allows you to record calls, which might be useful for training or quality assurance.

Call Center

AllWorx’s VoIP is a great option for call centers since it allows you to evenly distribute your incoming calls among employees. VoIP is a great option for any organization that manages a lot of calls. Customer service representatives, telemarketers, nonprofits and those with similar needs will flourish in an Allworx network.

Multi-Site Support

AllWorx is great for in-person, hybrid, and remote work. The company’s multi-site support helps to improve collaboration and communication.


Track call activity with AllWorx analytics. Learn more about different call metrics, such as call duration, time of calls and more. Organizations can use this data to improve business performance.

Security & Backup

Your cybersecurity is important. AllWorx works to maximize safety and minimize risk.

allworkx is the best voip for small business

What Are Some of AllWorx’s Products and Solutions for Businesses?

AllWorx offers a wide array of products for businesses of all sizes. Their VoIP system and IP phone solutions include IP phones, VoIP communication systems, standard features, and switches. AllWorx Connect™ is their third-generation family of VoIP communication systems. They are economical, expandable, fast, secure, and powerful, all great for your new phone system. Their IP phones come in a variety of sizes with additional expanders, which could be great if you need more programmable buttons and extensions. They have switches that are preconfigured to work with AllWorx and have network bandwidth optimization. 

AllWorx automatically comes with some VoIP features that are great for every business. This includes secure web administration, My AllWorx Manager, voicemail-to-email, seven presence settings, unlimited call routes, auto attendants, remote IP phone support, and park to extension. They also have advanced software options that businesses can choose to incorporate, including mobility, desktop voice integration, multi-site support, analytics, dual language support, voice conference, and security/data backups. 

AllWorx Is the Best VoIP for Your Small Business

Be rest assured that AllWorx is the right choice for your SMB. If your business is looking for a new phone system, we can help you there. At Computero, we offer AllWorx VoIP installation. We can assess your current IT infrastructure and accordingly help you purchase, configure, and install your new AllWorx phone system. Our team will work with you to manage your new phones post-installation. Whenever a problem arises, we can help troubleshoot. If you’re looking to expand or change some extensions, we can also help you there. With Computero by your side, you can focus on your business, not your phones. Contact us today via (VoIP) phone by calling (718) 275-1600 or submit an inquiry using our contact form!

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