Google Workspace for Healthcare Organizations

Jul 8, 2022 | Solutions

The healthcare industry is significantly evolving by integrating new technologies and platforms, including cloud computing, across healthcare systems. Modern healthcare organizations have realized the cybersecurity benefits, cost savings, and mobility capabilities of cloud computing. That’s why Computero is dedicated to helping you address the most complex IT challenges in the healthcare industry through cloud computing. In fact, the market for the cloud in healthcare is projected to grow by 43% by 2025. This is fueled by the need to provide comprehensive and convenient healthcare through better technology infrastructure and faster digital transformation. With managed cloud solutions, healthcare providers can now collaborate and communicate with their patients in real-time. Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is Google’s cloud-based solution to help your healthcare organization enhance patient care and improve internal productivity, especially during times when work happens hybrid. Let’s look at how Google Workspace can help you transform your organization and improve your patient experience, as well as create a great healthcare IT solution.

Understanding Google Workspace in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is one of the most extensive and most unique compared to other sectors. The information shared in the health industry has to be accurate, available, and complete. This makes data security, real-time communication, and information availability critical to any healthcare. Health practitioners and patients should have an easy communication and real-time collaboration channel that’s also secure. As a requirement by the HIPAA laws, data security is a critical aspect of any healthcare organization.

With that in mind, Google developed Google Workspace to support patients and help healthcare providers boost productivity, improving patient experience. Workspace equips healthcare providers with modern cloud-based tools that significantly transform their operations. It has all the productivity apps, including Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Drive, Sheets, and many more that will help you communicate, collaborate and connect with your customers. So, how does it improve customer experience?

How Does Google Workspace Improve Healthcare Operations?

Whether working from home, returning to the office, or on the frontline, Google Workspace has everything you need to get anything done. It’s compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems. This allows healthcare providers to quickly access and input patient data irrespective of whether they are using mobile, PC, Mac, or Linux devices.

With information technology taking over the healthcare industry, Google Workspace is a beneficial tool for your organization. By enlisting the services of a managed IT service provider, you can take full advantage of Google Workspace solutions. Here is how it’ll benefit your healthcare organization.

1. Cost Savings

Google Workspace is a great low-cost tool that allows healthcare organizations to do more while spending less. Most healthcare executives view IT as an expense rather than a business driver. However, the cost-saving capabilities of Google’s technology make it a great option for any healthcare organization. You’ll save even more by outsourcing your IT needs to Computero. Google Workspace helps you save by:

  • Having a straightforward subscription pricing: Google makes Google Workspace affordable by offering a simple pricing system.
  • Lowering maintenance costs: Google Workspace is a cloud-based tool that can be accessed through a web browser. Therefore, your IT staff will not be necessitated to maintain your systems; rather, Google releases regular updates and patches on your behalf.

2. Advanced Cybersecurity

Amid heightened cybersecurity attacks, healthcare facilities are a huge target for hackers. Data breaches and cyber-attacks like ransomware can significantly affect your facility’s operation. Ransomware is a huge risk for health IT, and the data breach costs in a healthcare facility remain the highest among industries. Google Workspace is built with the best cybersecurity defenses, protecting your organization from cybercrime. By implementing Google Workspace in your healthcare facility, you’ll access a wide range of customizable security settings and tools, including:

  • User authentication and authorization
  • Endpoint security systems
  • Email security features
  • Data recovery tools
  • Data and email encryption

3. HIPAA Compliance and PHI security

Google Workspace helps you protect your organization’s critical data and comply with HIPAA. It provides HIPAA compliance solutions that work on both personal and shared devices. All your patient’s data will be encrypted, and Google is willing to sign a BAA with organizations who use Google Workspace for PHI processing and storage.

4. Google Workspace Supports a Digital & Remote Workforce Collaboration

Google Workspace allows remote healthcare teams to remain connected and work together in real-time. With Google Meets, Google Chat, Gmail, and shared documents, NYC healthcare providers can access vital patient and healthcare information. The cloud infrastructure makes it possible to securely communicate with patients and host appointments within one virtual system. You can also create, manage and allow access to your organization’s assets through Google Drive. Therefore, when healthcare providers cannot meet in person, they can use Google’s Workspace virtual care tools.

Patients are treated by different practitioners located in separate facilities. Google Workspace takes advantage of the cloud’s collaborative and uncomplicated file-sharing capabilities to improve operational efficiency and productivity.

5. Manage Your Schedule and Appointments with Google Calendar

Appointments are important aspects of any healthcare organization. By streamlining the appointment scheduling process, healthcare providers will provide satisfactory services to their patients. Using Google Workspace allows you to access Google Calendar, which facilitates appointment management, enhancing patient satisfaction and income generation. Since you access it from any device, you can effortlessly schedule appointments, resolve scheduling complaints and send appointment reminders to your patients.

6. Improved Patient Experience and Care

Google Workspace has a whole lot of IT solutions that will enhance the patient experience through fast registration, communication, and feedback. From managed mobile devices to Google Drive, Workspace streamlines the process of scheduling appointments, checking in, and providing helpful feedback. You can create online registration forms with Google Forms and keep track of your patients with Google Sheets. Google Workspace allows for practitioner and patient coordination that will positively impact your practice.

Streamline Your IT Implementation and Management with Computero

Google Workspace is a game-changer from easy-to-use and secure systems to improved healthcare operations. You’ll keep your healthcare workforce connected from anywhere, empower telehealth and improve patient care. Google Workspace provides healthcare providers with modern, digital, and collaboration tools that meet their needs. When implemented effectively, it provides an all-in-one environment with tools and systems that allow you to work effectively, optimize your operations and empower your workforce. That’s why you should work with a reputable and reliable managed IT service provider like Computero to help you implement and manage Google Workspace.

At Computero, we understand how complex the healthcare industry is. You can focus on growing your organization by transferring the implementation and management of your custom cloud computing solutions to our experts. Our IT support experts are more than willing to help you implement and take advantage of Google Workspace and other IT cloud solutions. Contact us today so that our dedicated experts can help you simplify your IT.

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