Excellent service, caring expert

Sep 24, 2009 | Client Testimonials

I got to say that I didn’t do much research in looking for a computer technician to fix my mega virus in my notebook. After I read someone’s five star review raving about Bart’s services, I searched no further and gave him a call. I was very pleased with his attentiveness and willingness to accommodate my busy schedule. He gave me the diagnosis fee (this covers one hour of his time and efforts) and told me that he would make sure I would get the most efficient service from him–meaning, if he found my computer needed more intensive services after x minutes, he would only charge additional dollars after the hour was committed to my computer. My computer had to be taken up for additional repair (which only took two days) and he offered to walk me through step by step in starting up my computer. I took advantage of his offer. My repeated calls and concerns did not bother him one bit. He even advised me to contact my credit card computer to dispute a bogus anti-virus software purchase and even helped contribute to the process. I highly recommend his services to anyone who’s looking for someone with extensive knowledgeable, professionalism and caring demeanor.

Top rated NY IT support

“10/10 would recommend” – Client Review

"When we had to quickly set up our dental practice on short notice Computero came in, set-up, and got us rocking and rolling in short order. I was stunned by their customer service, ease of communication, and patience in explaining technical IT terms to my staff and...

Computero Rescued My Laptop

This past weekend i was having massive computer issues with the USB drives on my brand new Acer Laptop that i recently purchased only 2 months ago. Since i didn't want to spend more money and time sending it back to the manufacture, i decided to search for a computer...

The best service experience I’ve ever had

If I could rate 6 stars I would. This is the second time I've used Computero for computer repairs (two different systems) and the second time I've been absolutely blown away by the level of service. Besides being a hell of a nice guy, Bart is thorough, patient, and...