Best Antivirus for Business: Trend Micro

Aug 23, 2022 | Solutions

By Mary Grlic

Antivirus is necessary for all businesses. Unfortunately, cyberthreats are common and always evolving. Even as operating systems and computer software update to protect against viruses, cybercriminals might be one step ahead – making antivirus even more vital. Businesses hold a lot of data and information on their devices, making malware threats a huge concern. Your business should use the best antivirus software, Trend Micro, for maximum security. 

What is Antivirus?

Antivirus is a software that detects and removes viruses or malicious software from devices. With so many cyber threats that can harm devices, antivirus is necessary for all businesses. Antivirus will guard your computer 24/7 and alert you if there is a problem. Having an antivirus software can also protect your computer and make your business more productive and secure.

What are the Threats?

Without antivirus software, computers face a few different risks. Malware (malicious software) is any sort of code that can harm or damage your computer and any stored data. You or someone in your organization may unknowingly download malware by clicking a suspicious link within an email or uploading corrupted files from a USB drive. Antivirus is designed to protect against such risks. Here are just a few possible malware threats that users should be aware of:

1. Ransomware

Hackers use ransomware to encrypt data on devices and make them unusable. Victims will have to pay a ransom fee to get back any locked information. If they do not, hackers might corrupt, steal, or threaten data.

2. Virus

In the world of technology, viruses self replicate by modifying computer programs with their own code.

3. Rootkit

A rootkit is a type of malware that enables hackers to have remote access over a computer or network. Device users cannot often see that they have a rootkit because hackers conceal the virus well. Rootkits are a huge threat because they are hard to detect.

4. Trojan

A trojan horse is any malware that misleads users of its true intent by pretending to be a legitimate program. It can be a link disguised under a different host name. For example, Zeus Gameover is designed to look real but actually aims to obtain personal financial information to steal from bank accounts.

5. Computer Worm

Computer worms are self-replicating malware programs that infect other computers when they duplicate. The worm will spread to other devices while still remaining active on the infected systems. 

Why Every Business Needs Antivirus Software

Whether you’re a small or medium sized business, or a large company, you must have antivirus software on your network and devices. Yes, every computer should have antivirus installed. No matter how new the device is or how “new” the operating system is, antivirus is critical to protect your computer. Especially in your business, lots of things happen at once and it can be hard to keep track of cybersecurity. An antivirus program will do just that for you. Here are some of the reasons why every business needs antivirus. 

Protect Sensitive Data

Businesses have a lot of private information to protect. A single ransomware attack or virus pop-up can compromise any saved data. To prevent data corruption, your business should have an antivirus.

Better Security

To better secure your network, businesses should have antivirus. Many businesses operate fully or partially online by communicating and making sales or payments through the internet. A good antivirus will better protect your virtual security. 

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is becoming one of the most dangerous and advanced cyberthreats. Default internet security measures and basic antivirus will not protect you from ransomware. Therefore, a good antivirus for your business is essential. 

Active Targets

Enterprises are now experiencing greater risks when it comes to hacking. In recent years, ransomware and malware have been shown to target different types of businesses, including those in the healthcare, manufacturing, and finance sectors. For these active targets, it is critical to protect against cyberthreats with an antivirus.

Phishing and Scam Mail

Phishing attacks look legitimate but are actually fraudulent. Hackers use phishing to gain access to devices. If a user clicks on links in phishing emails, they could be downloading malware onto a device. Phishing is one of the most common cyberthreats for businesses. A good antivirus can help protect your business from these sorts of threats. 

The Best Antivirus for your Business: Trend Micro Vision One

An effective antivirus takes all the necessary steps to protect your business from all cyberthreats. That’s why Trend Micro is the best antivirus for your business. Trend Micro Vision One uses XDR to help organizations overcome challenges like security limitations and alert overload. 

trend micro xdr for business
Trend Micro Vision One Managed XDR


Extended detection and response – “XDR” – monitors data across multiple security layers. Many threats can evade detection by hiding in the security “silos,” or isolated points within a device. XDR breaks down these points and goes beneath the service to ensure maximum protection of all devices. The holistic approach collects and correlates any information across all sources like emails, endpoint, services, the cloud, and computer networks. This multi-faceted approach captures every necessary point. By leaving nothing out, XDR protects your business better than a standard antivirus.

Compared to other detection methods like EDR (endpoint detection and response), XDR is much more effective. EDR has value but can only respond to threats at the managed endpoints of a network. XDR’s holistic approach looks within all points of a network for maximum protection.

In their Quarter 4 2021 report, Forrester New Wave rated Trend Micro the leading XDR provider. The report cites Trend Micro’s “strong cross-telemetry detection, investigation, and response” as some of the keys to success. Forrester also recognizes Trend Micro as an excellent “fit for companies that need a robust, easy to operate security suite.”

Why XDR?

XDR will look out for systems beyond a single vector. The ability for antivirus software to correlate and look for where the risk is happening has been missing – until XDR. This way, businesses can understand the root of a threat and take proper action in response. XDR also has powerful security analytics to identify what EDR cannot. Security analysts can focus on necessary alerts for faster detection and proactive responses. Additionally, XDR has a single, integrated platform that allows analysts to quickly view and respond to threats in an environment. 

XDR provides a lot of benefits for all sorts of businesses.  According to an ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group) report, organizations with XDR suffered half as many cyber attacks. They were also more than 2 times more likely to detect a breach or cyber attack within just a few days. These organizations were also 60% less likely to report attack propagation. Efficiency also increased, saving the equivalent of eight full-time staff members. ESG also mentions the benefits that XDR users experienced, including security effectiveness, business enablement, and cost savings. Trend Micro even has a way for to calculate savings based on factors like employee/device count, current capacity, and number of daily security events. 

Key Benefits of XDR

Some of the key benefits of XDR, as per Trend Micro Vision One’s solution brief, include:

  • Prioritized view of threats across the organization
  • More effective analysis
  • Clearer contextual view of threats
  • Stop more attacks, quicker
  • Reduces time to detect and stop threats
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency of threat investigation
  • Integrated with third-party systems

Trend Micro’s XDR security also has 24/7 alert monitoring to best protect customers against cyberthreats. 

Choosing Trend Micro

At Computero, we believe that Trend Micro is the best antivirus for your business. Our IT security and support systems can help your business with their antivirus software license management. Contact Computero to learn more about antivirus protection for your business.

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