Windows Server Backup – Customized for your business.

Oct 2, 2010 | Solutions

Windows server backup can be a little tricky. The software included with Windows Server 2003 was very basic and didn’t offer functions which would facilitate off site storage of data. With introduction of Windows Server 2008 R2- the functionality of the application has improved and can be customized to offer proper and full windows server backup for your business – including off site storage.

Laser SPA NYC – leading laser hair removal new york city company asked Computero to develop a comprehensive backup solution which would not only offer daily backup of their data – but to also include an off site backup solution in the event of equipment theft or destruction.

There are many improvements in Windows Server 2008 R2 backup utility. The new utility includes off site removal of backups for disaster protection. You can save backups to multiple disks in a rotation, which enables you to move disks from an off site location. You can add each disk as a scheduled backup location and, if the first disk is moved off site, Windows Server Backup will automatically save backups to the next disk in the rotation.

Solution for Laser Spa NYC Inc. involved setting up multiple USB flash drives with capacities ranging from 16GB to 32GB and offered the manager the option to take the backup off site every week.

Many businesses don’t think that far – but off site storage has become a part of any backup strategy. Computero offers solutions for all industries – whether you are a busy 10 doctor medical practice covered under HIPAA, or a small flower show – as long as you store information – it needs to be backed up properly. Depending on the size and complexity of your data storage, one must determine if your present solution is sufficient and IF the organization can recovery 100% from a potential disaster.

Please contact our IT Support staff to determine the best type of backup for you and your organization.

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