Why Every Organization Needs Managed IT Services

Jul 20, 2022 | Solutions

When your computer battery dies, how do you get it to work? If your internet connection fails, how will it get back up? If you need to access storage from a lost or damaged device, how do you find it? With so much of our organizations relying on technology, it is crucial to properly manage your network with a good IT service. Your organization has a myriad of online platforms, from office phones and corporate emails to the computers and internet access your employees use. We understand how important it is to protect your digital safety, get efficient internet connection, manage your data storage, and provide the most optimal operating systems. That is why managed IT services like Computero are here to help your organization every step of the way!

Computero is a managed IT (information technology) service that provides guidance and maintenance to organizations in the local New York area (Nassau County, Queens, New York City). Conveniently located in Queens, New York, Computero can assist your organization with services like server and network installation, device monitoring, computer repairs, cloud hosting, network flow monitoring, and much more. IT services are necessary for all organizations to maintain maximum safety and efficiency. But why will your organization benefit from managed IT services? Here are some reasons why you should implement IT consulting services, like Computero, at your business, company, or organization. 

1. Efficient and Proactive Responses

If something goes awry with your device, there is no need to wait days to fix it. A network issue or damaged computer can be both inconvenient and even costly for your organization. No matter how small or big the problem is, your managed IT service is always there to help. You can contact Computero to easily resolve any technical difficulties, from password troubles to connection issues.

Managed IT services also proactively monitor your devices and contact you if they foresee any future issues. For example, a technician can inform you if your hard drive is about to run out of space or if there is an overuse of RAM on your device. For example, no one wants to log-in to their Zoom call only to find out their application needs an update! That is why IT companies work behind the scenes to manage everything without creating issues for the user. Your managed IT service’s proactivity makes it easy for employees to go about their days and concentrate on their work. For these reasons, managed IT services are a must have for all organizations.

2. Onsite and Remote Assistance

Depending on your organization’s needs, IT professionals can help you in-person and remotely. Computero’s professional technicians can solve many of your problems through our virtual monitoring system. For example, with remote assistance, you can get help just by calling or emailing Computero’s support network. Then, an IT professional can connect with you and troubleshoot any issues your device is experiencing, all from the comfort of your office or home! Technicians are also available to work with you onsite to set up computers in your office, install your server, and assist with repairing old devices. Especially during the unprecedented times of the pandemic, remote and onsite options are great to troubleshoot any technological difficulties.

3. Enhanced Safety and Security

Your organization probably has a lot of data connected to each device, like the passwords for your company email or a client’s address. Although technology is convenient, if your organization does not have the proper security, hackers can easily access this data. Unauthorized data acquisition can be harmful for your organization. That is why managed IT services implement the highest quality cybersecurity and antivirus protection services.

Computero can help you to install effective software and hardware for the best cybersecurity protection. For example, firewalls, servers, and business-grade malware protection software are among the several layers that Computero uses to protect your organization. Additionally, certified IT professionals will monitor your devices for suspicious activity and follow protocol to prevent attacks that could compromise your cybersecurity. These technology support services also help your organization comply with federal and state regulations and privacy laws. With 24/7 monitoring from your managed IT provider, you do not have to worry about a data or security breach.

4. Data Protection

With so many files and documents saved onto computers, it is crucial to back up and protect that information. If you do not properly save your data, corruption or damage can unfortunately happen. Computero has helped countless organizations retrieve lost, missing, or damaged data with their comprehensive backup methods. Additionally, in compliance with physical safeguards, IT services can properly dispose of your business’ data even after it is no longer needed. Services like Computero can also help to wipe and destroy old hard drives to ensure that no one will ever be able to access that information again.

5. Risk Prevention and Management

IT companies work to assess and prevent all kinds of risks within your organization. Unfortunately, technological difficulties are inevitable, but they can cost your organization time and money. If something goes wrong, managed tech services are well-versed in your systems and can get it working quickly. So there is no need to worry when your servers fails — your IT service provider will be able to quickly fix your system. Managed IT services also use the proper security measures to prevent potential hackers from gaining access to your server.

6. Most Updated Systems and Up-to-Date Technology

Updates are essential because they will make your device more efficient and less prone to viruses or damage. Managed IT services will monitor the routine updates of applications, your device, and your operating system for your organization’s devices. With up-to-date systems, your organization will always be running at peak performance. This gives you just one less thing to think about!

7. Cost Effective Tech Management

Purchasing all of the devices, phones, accounts, licensing, software, and more for your organization can be costly especially if you do not buy the right equipment. Therefore, managed IT services will work with you to benefit your organization financially by preventing unnecessary purchases. Computero can help your organization install or establish programs like your Windows operating system. To make things even better, managed IT services will not sell you what you do not need.

8. Staying Compliant

Managed IT services can help your organization stay up to date with technological safety regulations. For example, in New York State, your IT service provider will help you comply with the SHIELD Act with proper technical and physical safeguards. For example, Computero can help your business clear and destroy your hard drive as physical compliance with the SHIELD Act. Additionally, for healthcare facilities that follow HIPAA guidelines, managed IT services can assist with technological regulations regarding privacy protection. Computero can help implement Google Workspace and other HIPAA-compliant IT cloud solutions for your medical office.


The Right Solution for YOU

If your organization, company, or business is looking for managed IT services, Computero could be the perfect choice. We will provide fast and reliable IT management for all of your organization’s needs. Leading in IT consulting across the New York City and Long Island areas, Computero will provide your organization the essential tech services and IT support you need to stay protected and efficient. Computero will fulfill all of your company’s needs and more. From installing cables and servers to monitoring your devices 24/7, Computer is here to help! Here are some of the services Computero provides:

  • Server, network, and phone system installation
  • Wireless networking 
  • Network management
  • IT security and cybersecurity 
  • Cloud hosting
  • Desktop management 
  • Cabling and wiring
  • Virtualization 
  • Data backups and management

Call Computero at (888) TECH-365 or (718) 275-1600. Visit the Computero website at www.computero.com for more information and a full list of services.

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