Trend Micro XDR (Extended Detection and Response)

With today’s advanced threats and attacks, you’ll need more than just advanced security to protect your systems. Essentially, threats are designed to bypass security systems and compromise your sensitive data. According to the IBM data breach report, it takes a company 197 days to discover a breach and 69 days to contain it. By the time a cyber threat is found, it would have already spread through their systems and caused devastating damage, making it more expensive to recover from. The report further explains that companies can save more than $1 million when they contain a breach in less than 30 days. That sounds like some substantial incentive, doesn’t it? But in order to do so, you’ll need to have capabilities in place to help you counter these threats and respond to them rapidly. That’s where Trend Micro XDR comes into play.

To avoid severe and widespread damage, many companies use various separate security layers to detect cyber threats across their servers, email, endpoints, and cloud infrastructure. Trend Micro XDR extends detection and response beyond the endpoint. This gives you better visibility and security analytics to help you detect and respond to threats early.

Modern security tools, like Trend Micro XDR, need a significant amount of time and dedicated resources that most companies lack. Therefore, most companies outsource their IT needs to managed IT service providers like Computero. At Computero, we can help you evaluate your security network, effectively implement Trend Micro XDR, and manage all of your IT needs. Let’s look at what Trend Micro XDR entails and how Computero’s managed IT services can help you take full advantage of this advanced security tool.

What is Trend Micro XDR?

Trend Micro XDR is a security layer that works to protect both email and on-site servers and computers. It includes advanced XDR capabilities that collect and automatically correlate data across multiple security layers. This helps the antivirus to detect and track an attack across one or more layers, helping security teams to visualize the attack and respond accordingly. Therefore, Trend Micro XDR offers a level of detection and investigation that cannot be achieved by EDR, SIEM, or other individual point solutions.

Key Features of Trend Micro XDR

Here are the key features of Trend Micro XDR that make it worth investing in:

1. Attack visualization

Trend Micro XDR offers a visual representation of events that helps you understand the story of an attack. You’ll see details of what the threat did within a server or endpoint.

2. Threat hunting

It searches through endpoints, emails, and networks for signs of any intrusions or attacks. After threats are discovered, it provides search results and a root cause analysis to help security teams initiate a response. This significantly improves the threat detection rates and response times in your organization.

3. Built-in threat intelligence

Trend Micro XDR automatically scans your environment with Indicators of Compromise (IOC), allowing it to detect threats sooner. Using automated intelligence, Trend Micro XDR can identify suspicious activity even when a threat is unknown. It then prevents future attacks by automatically responding to any previously discovered threats.

4. Correlated detection models

It has advanced detection models that automatically correlate data across various security layers and uses a wide range of analysis techniques, including machine learning, to generate alert triggers. Therefore, you’ll get fewer but more meaningful alerts, reducing the need to chase false alerts.

Advantages of Trend Micro XDR

Trend Micro XDR brings many benefits and efficiencies to any company or business. By implementing Trend Micro XDR as your security solution, you’ll enjoy the following benefits: 

1. AI and Expert Security Analytics

With built-in threat expertise and global threat intelligence, Trend Micro XDR can combine data from your IT environment with Trend Micro’s global threat intelligence in the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. Therefore, you can detect things quickly and get more meaningful alerts on time. Its AI capabilities provide you with an extensive understanding of the data collected and this collected data can be important when creating new detection rules to keep your systems secure.

2. Security beyond the endpoint

Trend Micro XDR systems automatically detect, correlate data, and respond to threats across multiple layers. Therefore, any suspicious activity within your systems will be given a high priority, making it easy to contain on time. This eliminates the manual process of responding to threats and assessing their impact.

3. It offers complete visibility

Trend Micro XDR provides deeper visibility for companies across various security layers. You’ll have one platform to respond to issues, uncover events and expose threats on any security layer. This also makes it easy for security teams to analyze an attack and determine its entry points and affected system parts.

4. Reduces time taken to detect threats

Having automatic detection capabilities, Trend Micro XDR significantly reduces the time taken to detect, contain and respond to threats. This helps you minimize the impact and scope of an attack in your organization.

Trend Micro EDR Vs. XDR

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) has restricted capability because it focuses on detecting and responding to threats inside managed endpoints. Even though they’ve been valuable for a long time, the restriction on EDR solutions affects the scope of threats that can be detected and knowing what parts of your system were affected. Therefore, EDR solutions are not as effective as XDR solutions. XDR is as an effective detection and response technique that offers security beyond the current point solution or single-vector approach.

Trend Micro Managed XDR

Many companies do not have a dedicated team to monitor their systems and respond to threats on demand. To handle this, many companies outsource their IT operations, including security operations, to a reliable managed service partner like Computero. Managed IT security services alleviate the burden on your internal IT teams and give you access to specialized security expertise.

Trend Micro managed XDR services allow you to take full advantage of the threat detection and response tools alongside a team of experts. Managed service providers can monitor, analyze, alert, and respond to threats for you. With dedicated services for endpoints, email, on-site servers, and computers, Trend Micro Managed XDR makes it easier to correlate all data and better understand the source and extent of an attack. You’ll receive services like:

  • Managed XDR for Endpoints
  • Managed XDR for Cloud Workloads
  • Managed XDR for Networks
  • Managed XDR for Messaging
  • Event monitoring and alerting

How Does Trend Micro Managed XDR Work?

1. Detection

You’ll have 24/7 automated correlation, prioritization, and monitoring that can quickly identify events that need further investigation. Trend Micro managed XDR will continuously scan your environment for newly identified IOCs or attacks, including those discovered in other environments. Furthermore, you can get the most out of this tool by integrating it with other Trend Micro solutions.

2. Investigation

If an attack is detected, our experts can analyze your entire system by creating a root cause analysis that identifies the attack vector, spread, and impact. Our security analysts will then determine and recommend the best way to repond.

3. Response

Managed services allow you to avoid future attacks by helping you contain threats and address security gaps. Our effective response plan can help you recover from attacks and continuously scan your systems to prevent recurring threats.

4. Reports

This feature generates detailed incident reports about affected systems, IOCs, and recommended mitigation actions. You’ll also have summarized security reports easily accessible to different parties in your organization.

Leverage Your IT Infrastructure with Computero Managed IT Services

Cyber threats like ransomware are becoming more sophisticated day in and day out. However, Trend Micro XDR makes it easier to find what’s hiding. It helps you prevent threats as much as possible and detect and respond quickly if a threat does penetrate your systems. However, with the growing cybersecurity skill shortage, many companies lack experts who can monitor their systems and respond to threats 24/7. Computero allows you to transfer the IT responsibilities to a team of security experts specialized in threat detection and response — who are available 24/7. Yes, 24/7. Our team of experts can help you leverage the advantages of Trend Micro XDR.

Preventing successful attacks requires the right combination of tools and expertise. Your company’s resource and skillset constraints shouldn’t prevent you from reaching your IT goals. We can make it possible for your company to use Trend Micro XDR to uncover advanced threats, perform automatic remediation and minimize the damage caused by these attacks. Contact us today to get round-the-clock monitoring, support, and management of your IT systems.