Server Help? Fix Server? Server repair NYC!

Jan 2, 2014 | Solutions

It’s 5 pm on Saturday – “Can you guys help me fix my server? I need server help!” – a voice asks hesitantly….

Server Failure

GM Automotive – an auto parts distributor in the NYC, Queens, NY area – the owner experienced a server failure and needed server help immediately. The unit was blue screening and the customer wanted someone to come on site right away and attempt to fix the issue.

Although the server outage was crippling, we were able to recover all data, and restore the functionality to the server and the office network. This is just one of the many services that Computero can provide. We specialize in helping small and medium sized businesses deal with their IT needs.

The Problem

The problem was caused by a broken RAID 5 volume (a redundant disk setup which helps to keep your data safe in case one of the hard drives fails) – which was not responding problem due to a failure of one of the disk drives. The solution was to remove the disk drive completely – and restart the server. Once removed, the RAID controller allowed the system to start – and operate with decreased performance. Computero was able to get the replacement hard drive within 24 hours and the server was back to 100% within an hour after replacement arrived. PLEASE NOTE: Removing the wrong drive can lead to complete data loss, so please – don’t try this on your own unless you are completely sure you know what you are doing.

The server’s fix involved not only replacement of the broken hard drive – but also updating the firmware on the RAID controller and the windows driver associated. Windows server backup was also used to restore a vital business database which was corrupted. The database restore was successful and customer was able to access all business data. Upon server fix – we checked all workstations and confirmed access to internet, printers, and shared resources.

How Computero can Help you with your Server

Whether you need help with your critical equipment – or some other networking assistance in an emergency situation – Computero can help. Our technicians are available 7 days a week and offer server help as needed. We have vast experience with Windows based servers and redundant disk arrays.

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