Security rule No. 1: Assume you’re hacked

Jul 13, 2010 | Industry News

Always assume you are hacked! Below is an excerpt from an article by Roger Grimes, Security Adviser for InfoWorld Security Central:

“A recent Forbes magazine article advised readers to assume that their companies have been hacked. Some readers have asked me to weigh in, and here’s my assessment: The article is slightly hyperbolic, but all in all, it’s a pretty accurate assessment. Most companies are actively hacked, and their sensitive data is being stolen and leaked to outsiders.

Many readers might find such statements inaccurate and unsupported, and they may wonder where is the documented evidence to back up these gross claims. True, there is no survey data to prove the conclusion. Surveys and interviews can only measure known hacking incidents; it’s hard to measure the known unknowns. But in this case, there is strong anecdotal evidence.

Every company I’ve dealt with has had dozens of big security vulnerabilities. The IT employees that I interview admit that their company’s defenses are unevenly applied and that they know of many more major security holes that I haven’t found in my limited review. Rarely are these security issues new; most are several years old and well known by IT management.

There’s a chance that your company is not hacked, but in today’s uber-active crimeware environment, it’s unlikely. If you aren’t hacked, you’re either extremely good (with full management support and resources) or lucky.”

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Image courtesy flickr user purpleslog via CC 2.0

About Getting Hacked

In today’s world, cyber attacks are huge risks that many businesses and individuals face. For that reason, you should not wait to get hacked. Take proactive measures to prevent a cyber attack or any other cyber threat that your business can face. This way, you can better keep your business and yourself safe. Why? You will always be acting with precaution and concern, rather than waiting for something bad to happen. Unfortunately, anything can happen at anytime, especially a cyber attack, so assuming the worst is actually a good way to stay up-to-date and protected from such a risk. 

At Computero, we have a few security measures that every business should take into consideration to be protect their organization. This includes:

  • Constant network and server monitoring
  • Frequent OS (operating system) and application updates
  • Multi-step authentication for devices
  • Cybersecurity awareness training, so that employees understand the threats and risks of a cyber attack

Even with the best security measures, many companies still face risks of attacks, as pointed out by cybersecurity expert Roger Grimes. He notes that a lot of businesses still have a bunch of security vulnerabilities within their systems, creating huge risks that can jeopardize the entire business. For that reason, having a good IT service and top-notch cybersecurity practices is critical. 

Computero, based in Queens, NY, can help your business stay safe from cyber attacks and any viruses that will impact your devices. We have worked with many small and medium sized businesses all over the NYC metropolitan area to set up their IT network and keep it protected. We will take care of monitoring, updates, and more to best protect your network. Computero understands the risks of getting hacked, especially in today’s world. We do our best to keep you and your network safe!

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