January 27, 2014
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IT Consultant New York – How To Find a Good One.

Finding an IT Consultant or IT company in New York can be challenging. There are a lot to pick from and surely a lot of things to think about when…...

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Finding an IT Consultant or IT company in New York can be challenging. There are a lot to pick from and surely a lot of things to think about when filling this spot. That’s why Computero is here to help. We are a managed IT service provider and IT consultant located in Forest Hills, Queens, New York. We have been serving small and medium sized businesses for over ten years. Let’s look at why you need an IT consultant, what you’ll need from your IT consultant, and some tips to finding the perfect IT consultant for you and your business.

What you Want and Need

When looking to fill any position (one-time or on a regular basis), we have to consider the things that are important to us. Usually a large part of this contains the elements of professionalism, courteous interaction, and punctuality. While some consultants work on their own schedule and are focused on their needs, we are customer centered and solution oriented.

You’re looking for a reliable, helpful, and valuable IT consultant. You want you consulting team to be available when you need it. It is no secret that technology is the way of the future. Your business is probably operating partially or fully online. Perhaps some of your employees work from home or your office follows a hybrid schedule. Maybe your company supplies desktops, monitors, and tablets to each employee, along with a company email account and desk phone. With all of these devices, it is surely a lot to think about.

Beyond that, when something goes down, how are you going to fix it? Who will be readily available to assist you to prevent downtime and keep your employees as efficient and effective as possible? How will you overcome any tech problems that come your way? Technological difficulties are unfortunately inevitable, which is exactly why you want a reliable and proactive IT consultant or IT consulting team to help you out.

Why Hire an IT Consultant?

All businesses and organizations should look to hire an IT consultant – but why? Think about all of the technological devices, server, systems, and more your business operates on a daily basis. How are they protected? What would you do if they fail? Who can help when something goes wrong? There is a lot that goes into managing your IT in a small or medium sized business, so having an IT consultant to help is important.

Your IT consultant will probably help you with the technicalities you might overlook. For example, healthcare organizations have to follow HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Assurance Act), so their IT management is especially important. Having necessary backups is one part of HIPAA that might be overlooked by some medical organizations. Your managed IT service provider will help you make sure you are staying compliant with regulations like HIPAA.

Overall, an IT consultant can help you keep your network safe and ensure that you are always operating efficiently. This is critical for your business. The best part is that your IT consultant can do all of this work for you. That way, you can get rid of the headache of managing your own IT. Your consultant should work with you to provide the best services possible at the best value and proficiency. Learn more about why every organization needs managed IT services.

Tips for Hiring your IT Consultant

Here are some tips for hiring a good IT Consultant or IT Consulting company:

1. When you first call, are you able to get someone one the phone who understands your situation ?
2. Is the person on the phone knowledgeable in the subject area? If not, are they able to get someone who is on the phone right away ?
3. Ask the company for some references. This may not be possible if you are looking for someone in an emergency where your server or network requires immediate repair.
4. Call a few places. Check out their rates and ask how soon they could have someone over.

There tips are all important to the process of finding your new IT consultant. You are looking for someone who will work with you for a while. This needs to be someone that is reliable and knowledgeable in their field. These tips should help you distinguish the top-notch IT consultants from the not-so top-notch companies.

Computero for your IT Consultant

Computero is based in Queens, New York. We are a highly trained team of knowledgeable IT consultants, specializing in all things IT, including servers, network monitoring, firewalls, installations, and so much more. We provide a full range of IT Consulting services to address any issues, and provide solutions in a ever evolving environment.

  • Office installations
  • Server and network installations
  • Virtualization
  • Wireless networking
  • VoIP phone systems
  • Cabling and wiring
  • Cloud hosting
  • Server and network monitoring

In most cases, we are able to get a certified technician at your location the same day. Whether it is a networking problem or a server issue, you can rest assured that we are able to work out a solution in the best possible way, any times surpassing the expectations of our clients.

Our IT Helpdesk

Our technicians are always available during business hours to provide you with the best technical support available. Computero’s IT helpdesk is specifically geared to assist small and medium sized businesses located in the New York metropolitan area. Based in Forest Hills in Queens, New York, our helpdesk allows you to get the best service right away. No more waiting around to solve your tech problems. By calling Computero, you can get rapid responses from our certified and proficient IT consultants.

We work with you

Sometimes issues stemming from internet connectivity cannot be resolved due to provider outage or equipment failure. In such cases we continue working and monitoring the situation even after we leave – making sure that the issue is resolved ASAP and also so that we are able to address any issues in the long run. Follow ups are just simply part of our process. Often times our technicians are able to pickup a replacement modem from Verizon, Time Warner Cable or Cablevision (Optimum Online) so that we can get you up and running in little to no time. We understand your business runs on computers and we stand ready to address any issues which may arise. We are ready and look forward to exceeding your expectations and invite you to experience a level of service that is something you can only experience when you work with us.

Locations Served

Located in Forest Hills, Queens, Computero is at a central location with access to all of the New York City Metro area. We are only a few steps away from our local subway station, giving us easy access to all of Manhattan. Our office is across the street from the Long Island Railroad, making a quick trip to any part of Long Island. We service Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Westchester NY.

Contact us!

Look at a full list of Computero’s tech services and available IT support on our company website. If you are interested in Computero for your IT consultant, contact us.

Call Computero today at (888) TECH-365 or (718) 275-1600.



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