Data Recovery Services for NYC SMBs

A hurricane floods your entire office building and damages over half of your technological infrastructure, including storage drives. (Hey, after Sandy, we know it can happen even in NYC.) An employee mis-clicks a phishing link that deploys malware onto their PC. Now that virus makes its way onto other devices in the network and corrupts data stored in hard drives and servers. Perhaps a power grid or your device simply fails and users lose a bunch of files that they were working on. There’s probably a list of things that is running through your mind when catastrophe strikes, especially this: “What now?” Most people don’t consider data recovery services until catastrophe strikes but you can’t be prepared without planning ahead. Doesn’t your SMB deserve the comfort and security of disaster recovery?

isn't your business worthy of disaster and data recovery services that are made of steel?

Unfortunately, no business is immune to disasters; they can strike anywhere and at any time. Some cases might be more dramatic than others but nonetheless, these emergency scenarios will still have damaging impacts on your business’ IT infrastructure. Natural disasters, like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and more could physically harm network hardware. Cyber risks, like viruses, ransomware, phishing scams, and malware, might put data in the hands of the wrong individual, making for a bad situation. Beyond a breach, they might corrupt, steal or even delete whatever company data they were able to access. If disaster does hit your business, Computero provides data and disaster recovery services to our New York business clients.

Your Business Is Not Invincible, Expect the Unexpected

Natural disasters, human error, and energy outages are just a few of the things that might impact your business functions. As mentioned above, no organization can prevent these sorts of disasters. Companies can expect that anything can happen at any time.  Disasters can happen no matter the size of your company or industry. In the case of cyber attacks, many threat actors will choose to target small businesses, often assuming that they lack the right infrastructure and security precautions to protect themselves—in many cases, they’re right.

Clearly, sometimes the physical measures that offices have in place against natural disasters might not always work. Floods can happen in New York, whether it’s due to old leaking pipes, human error or a terrible storm. Hurricane Sandy was definitely a lesson for New Yorkers. It caused flooding many of us weren’t prepared for, shut down the power grid for days in Manhattan and surrounding areas and tore apart the Long Beach boardwalk, among other things. Fires can also happen, and if your office doesn’t have the right fire suppression or equipment, it could severely damage your hardware and technology. When natural disasters strike and corrupt data, having a good data recovery solution in place is critical to get back up and running quickly.

The Value of Disaster & Data Recovery Services for Your NYC Business

The impacts of a disaster can vary immensely. Maybe only a select few devices are affected, or the entire network gets slammed. In any case, having the right disaster recovery program in place to protect your IT is critical. The right recovery plan will limit downtime and ensure that all systems are running optimally as quickly as possible. Businesses know that uptime is important. When systems are down, it makes it impossible for business operations to run smoothly. Employees will likely be unable to take calls, work on their projects, send emails, complete their assignments, and to put it simply: just do their job. Downtime can be costly, perhaps causing companies to lose business, affect their reputation or pay an enormous amount of money just to attempt to recover their network. 

Mitigation Strategies for Data and Disaster Recovery

Though certain events just may happen, incorporating the right mitigation plan can help better protect and prepare your business. What should such a disaster recovery plan include? Computero provides a collection of resources and services to our NYC clients to help prevent calamity to the best of our abilities. Naturally, not everything is preventable but we do our job to protect your business like it’s ours. 

Server and Networking Monitoring

At Computero, we monitor the devices on your network, as well as your server, to ensure that everything is running properly at all times. It’s inevitable that hard drives, SSDs, motherboards, and other computer hardware might fail. After all, they require a lot of usage and might experience too much stress, especially when we use our devices so often, or when they have to run continuously. Hardware failure, however, is a major cause of downtime. A failing hard drive, SSD, or other piece of internal hardware can impact your business performance, possibly causing you to lose time, money, and data. When we see a failing piece of hardware, we’ll not only inform you but also resolve the matter remotely, so that you don’t have to worry about downtime or data loss.

Virus and Malware Protection

We’re meticulous about implementing preventative measures to manage cyber risks before they even happen. This includes utilizing the best antivirus software (Trend Micro XDR), installing a firewall, and enabling two-step verification with physical security keys. We strongly encourage all employees to complete cybersecurity awareness training to further safeguard the organization. This way, when employees are educated about the risks involved with poor cyber practices, they’ll be able to fully understand just how serious even a small threat can be. Phishing, for example, is a huge cause for cyber attacks and can end up corrupting data. This human error can more easily be avoided if users understood the ramifications of clicking on a suspicious looking link. 

Data Backups: You Don’t Have to Worry About Data Loss

Backing up your data should be one of the most important parts of a disaster recovery plan. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that your organization won’t lose data when technology fails. Businesses generate a lot of information that they store on hard drives (HDDs), solid state drives (SSDs), business servers, and so on. Data can easily be corrupted through malware, viruses, human error, hardware failures, and other disasters. Corrupted data refers to data that becomes, “unreadable, unusable or inaccessible to an application or a user.” To prevent data loss or corruption, not only are routine backups essential but so are multiple backups. That’s right, disasters can even affect backups, so having just one isn’t enough. For this reason, one backup isn’t even the minimum.

Data Recovery Services for NYC Businesses To Ease Any Calamity

Computero provides data recovery services to SMBs in New York City and the surrounding boroughs. We’ve helped multiple disaster-stricken businesses all over NYC restart their operations and recoup their data. With us as your managed service provider, we can help manage and monitor your network and technology infrastructure, so that when disaster strikes, we’ll be there to help you get back on your feet; almost as if they’ve never left the pavement.

Our technicians are trained in disaster recovery for a wide array of devices, operating systems and technologies. We understand that every business has different technological desires and needs, so we’ll work with you to protect, manage, and recover whatever your network runs on. 

This includes:

  • Solid state drives (SSDs)
  • Hard drive disks (HDDs)
  • External hard drives
  • RAID (redundant array independent disks)/servers
  • Windows and Mac desktops/laptops
  • Emails 

Computero is based in Forest Hills, Queens, giving us easy access to all of our clients in New York. We provide managed IT services to the NY metropolitan area, including Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, as well as Nassau and Suffolk County of Long Island. We’ve worked with many organizations over the past 14 years, and when they need us, we’re just a phone call away. More often than not, we’ll know when there’s a problem before you even reach out; that kind of insight is part of the job. Our clients love us for our responsive and knowledgeable team of technicians. We’re well-trained and certified in what we do, and will always find the best data recovery solutions for you and your business.

Protect your IT infrastructure from disaster and make sure you’ve got the most reliable Rapid Response Team on your side by contacting us today.