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Have your Apple products become problematic? Do you need help with your various Mac devices? Despite paying high-end prices, if you’re a regular Apple consumer, your options to get your computer issues resolved are slim. The right Mac support and management might be challenging to find.

If you’re lucky and your Mac is new, you have, “one year of hardware repair coverage through [a] limited warranty and up to 90 days of complementary technical support,” but most people who buy Macs look at them as investments and chances are, you aren’t getting a new one each year. Sure, Apple has some small support subscription options available but they’re priced on the very low end, meaning there’s tons of other people waiting in queue, just like you.

Need on-the-spot technical support? Or sooner-rather-than-later troubleshooting? Want to drop off your device? More often than not, you can expect a wait time and business owners don’t have time to waste. After all, Apple has a reputation for making people wait in line. 

Apple customers waiting in line in front of the store
Image from 9 to 5 Mac, 2018: Apple customers waiting in line in front of the store

Many companies chose to operate on Mac computers exclusively and that’s okay but the question is: is your technical support up to par for both your devices and your level of operation? Having reliable and prompt IT support and management for all of the devices on your network isn’t just ideal, it’s critical. Without it, so much could go wrong.

As a part of our business IT services, we offer support for Mac operating systems and Apple products, including iOS devices. Computero’s certified technicians specialize in device monitoring and support services for Mac devices. If your small-to-medium sized business currently has, or is planning on implementing Macs in the office, Computero can assist with all of your in-office (also known as field services or on-site support) and remote IT support needs.

Your Mac Is Not Invincible: Debunking the Myth

Some Apple users, including many business owners, have become convinced that, “Apple devices can’t be hacked,” and that they’re completely impenetrable when it comes to any form of compromise. It’s time for some tough love: Your Mac is not invincible. Sorry.

So why do many Apple users think this way? What’s the origin of this modern myth? In the past, Apple devices were (technically) virtually free from viruses and malware but this was largely due to Mac’s lack of popularity, at the time. Hackers didn’t want to attack devices that weren’t utilized by many; there wasn’t enough incentive. Most hackers strive to get the largest pool of victims possible, so in a way, Mac’s were seen as unhackable but only because they were viewed as “untouchable,” in the old school definition of the word (as in social outcast). But in today’s world, the statement that, “Macs can’t be hacked,” is no longer true.

Someone still sold on the old theory! Quora user thinks that getting into an Apple product is as impossible as escaping Alcatraz
Someone still sold on the old theory!

Macs, along with many other Apple products, are just as popular and common as Windows devices, so you can expect hackers to target them just the same. Additionally, the threat actors’ toolbox has only become more advanced in recent years, and they’ll exploit any vulnerabilities they can identify in a system. Just like technology is evolving, so are modern-day hackers, as well as the severity of their attacks. If your Mac – or any device for that matter – isn’t secured and managed properly, you could easily become the target of a cyber attack, and the aftermath could be detrimental. Simply put, your Apple devices are not invincible. Having a managed IT service provider to help you upkeep, support, and protect your office Macs is critical.

Reliable + Reputable Mac Support from Computero

Without question, you want a reliable and knowledgeable group of IT professionals by your side, no matter how big or small your company may be. Having a team that understands Apple products, and is well-versed in them, is fundamental. A good managed service provider will help you utilize your Mac products to their fullest potential. The team at Computero has been trusted by many small-to-medium sized businesses across the New York City Metro area, and we’ve worked with countless clients to help them manage and secure their Mac devices. We’re professionals at what we do and want to work with you to give you the best quality services your business deserves. With Computero as your IT support team, you’ll never have to worry about your Mac and Apple IT needs.

Computero can assist Mac & Apple users with the following:

  • Protect your network and prioritize cybersecurity
  • Monitor your devices 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Mac management software
  • Minimize downtime, maximize productivity
  • Integrate your Mac devices with the rest of your network
  • Available for on-site and remote Mac support when your need it (just give us a call 🤙)
mac keyboard and mouse

Mac Hardware and Software Installation

Computero offers network and server installation services. We can help you set up your new business network with Apple hardware and software. We provide managed software installation, meaning that any software you require or request will  be loaded onto the device, installed by us and ready for you to use. We’ll do all the work necessary to set up and prepare your Apple and Mac devices for you and your employees. This way, no time is wasted and everything is ready to go upon your arrival at the office, and can then be easily managed by us as your IT support team. Your applications will be configured for optimal performance and we’ll provide ongoing updates/security patches to keep your software up-to-date and free from any vulnerabilities. 

Mac Monitoring and Management Support

At Computero, we offer many monitoring and management tools for devices beyond Macs, including VoIP management, server monitoring, and network management, as well as other IT support. These services are critical to upkeep the health, safety, and security of all the technology your business utilizes. On our end, we’ll monitor changes we see in your system, such as overutilization of RAM, outdated software or any indication of system compromise. Our team will immediately act on these alerts by troubleshooting on our end and contacting you if necessary. We respond and act quickly so that your business experiences minimal downtime and can always operate seamlessly. Having these support services for your technology infrastructure is integral, which is why we offer device monitoring and management for Mac as well.

With our team managing and monitoring your Apple devices, you never have to worry. Our certified technicians utilize state of the start software to ensure secure and dependable technology for our business clients. 

mac- we offer software and hardware, installation and mac support, management

Jamf – Mac Management Software

Jamf is a Mac and Apple device management software that provides services to more than 70,000 businesses, ranging from small businesses to large Fortune 500 enterprises. Just like us, Jamf works with a variety of industries, including healthcare, nonprofits, and business. So whether your organization works with three MacBooks or a blend of 5,000 computers and other Apple devices, Jamf has you covered. They safeguard the security, management, and power of your technology in a way that truly makes a difference. Jamf offers different levels of Mac management support and services, as well as different products depending on your business needs. 

jamf - mac management platform

Trusted Access

Jamf Trusted Access protects data and enables hybrid work by grouping solutions for device management, identity integration workflows and endpoint security. Trusted Access offers comprehensive services to maximize safety and accessibility, by limiting access to sensitive information and company data to only authorized users. Enrollment for corporate and bring-your-own devices (BYOD) helps to mitigate risks that users might encounter or be unaware of, such as phishing and other cyber attack entry points. Trusted access also includes endpoint security, which is the process of protecting your network from end to end. Jamf’s endpoint protection solutions include: monitoring for suspicious threats, on-device analysis, visibility alerts, and enforcement of data policies so that only regulated devices can be used. By protecting the physical devices connected to a network, Jamf successfully maximizes security and prevents threats to keep user privacy and data safe. With the three goals of device management, identity and access, and endpoint security, the Jamf platform is successful in prioritizing your business’ safety.

Cybersecurity Has to Be Your First Priority

The digital safety of your business should not be overlooked. If not properly implemented, your organization could face cyber threats like viruses, malware, ransomware, and more, and such attacks could have terrible implications.

Relative to the form of data involved, the repercussions can entail:

  • Data breach, data corruption and/or data destruction
  • Exploitation of confidential information (such as intellectual property and more), in  many cases for monetary gain
  • Various legal ramifications including regulatory requirements, such as incident disclosure and potentially compensation for the affected parties
cybersecurity for mac management

Seeing just how extreme the effects could be, it’s clear why prioritizing cybersecurity is paramount. We’re always one step ahead when it comes to protecting your network and device security. Your company’s cybersecurity can be a lot to manage, which is why we’re here to help. At Computero, we work with our clients to create a comprehensive cybersecurity plan and minimize risks to the best of our ability. For Macs, our procedures are no different: we want to create the best risk mitigation plan for your company and will use all the necessary tools to do so. Some of the measures we take to protect your needs include: cybersecurity awareness training, installing the best antivirus software for businesses and a firewall, and frequent operating system (OS) and application updates. 

Our IT Support Team and Help Desk

Computero’s Rapid Response Team and our NYC IT Help Desk are here to help you whenever you need. If your computers are running slowly or if you’re experiencing some technical difficulties, we’re on standby, always ready to assist. We can often resolve issues over the phone and with the help of remote access but in the event that it’s needed, we also offer on-site services. 

Mac IT Support for Your Small Business

If your business utilizes Apple products or is looking to make a switch, Computero will be your #1 when it comes to IT support. We understand just how time-consuming and confusing IT can be, allow us to simplify it for you. Our team works with SMB clients across the New York City Metro Area. With our headquarters in Forest Hills, Queens, New York, we’re perfectly located to travel to any of the surrounding boroughs and Long Island as well. provide any on-site services. Contact us today!

Disclaimer: We are not an Apple repair facility. We only work with contractual business clients and do not provide support or repair services to consumers.

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