Computero Rescued My Laptop

Apr 20, 2010 | Client Testimonials

This past weekend i was having massive computer issues with the USB drives on my brand new Acer Laptop that i recently purchased only 2 months ago. Since i didn’t want to spend more money and time sending it back to the manufacture, i decided to search for a computer technician to help me out. I randomly typed in computer repairs in forest hills and found Computero. The gentleman who assisted me Bart was extremely efficient, warm and friendly and fixed my computer within an hour. It turned out the ports on my computer were not probably created by the manufacture and that is why it would not recognize any of the external hard drives that i would plug in. Bart’s expertise and handy tools were able to fix this problem in an instant. He also gave me a great recommendation of using a USB hub that would support 4 external drives all in one. this was something i didn’t know even existed.

All and all, great service and i would totally recommend Bart to anyone who needs to fix their computer.

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Excellent service, caring expert

I got to say that I didn't do much research in looking for a computer technician to fix my mega virus in my notebook. After I read someone's five star review raving about Bart's services, I searched no further and gave him a call. I was very pleased with his...

Computero = Excellent Service.

I had a PCI-e card and a Raptor hard drive installed by Bart P. Friendly and excellent service. Bart is thorough, friendly and informative and gave good advice in answer to all of my questions. This was a good find, and I will not hesitate to go to Computero in the...

Saved by Computero!

My laptop crashed without warning two days before a big presentation was due. I tried to fix it myself as I am somewhat computer literate but to no avail. I called Computero with little hope, expecting them to tell me that it had become a glorified paper weight. Bart...