Outsourcing your application management ensures that you have someone trusted to look after your IT.



Imagine your hard drives failing and you don’t have a valid backup because it wasn’t set up properly or imagine a user gets a virus that threatens your entire network because their antivirus happen to be out of date. These issues are real and they can severely impact your business. Computero can monitor everything from your servers, workstations and mobile devices. The process is simple and provides a lot of value. We install an agent on each of your devices so we can monitor them from a dashboard to ensure everything is running at peak performance. If a problem is detected, we can remotely connect to the device or send a tech to fix it before it becomes a major issue and too costly.


BACKUPS — Losing your data would be operationally and financially detrimental. We ensure backups are completed successfully.

ANTI VIRUS — Compromised security can lead to a plethora of issues. We ensure all systems have up-to-date protection.

DRIVE SPACE — Having space means having the ability to operate faster and create backups. We monitor drive capacities and its available free space.

CRITICAL UPDATES — To ensure better security and faster operations, we keep devices updated to maximize stability and security.

HARDWARE & SOFTWARE MONITORING — Knowing the status of your equipment allows us to plan and act before any equipment problems or failure occur.

Allow us to simplify your IT.

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