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The Allworx phone system is built for the future. With the capability to function on regular analog lines, as well as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), it is very sophisticated, but very easy to use, program, reprogram and maintain. The Allworx system was developed by the best and brightest senior engineers from Kodak and Xerox with the intention of providing a dependable and fully integrated system that is loaded with standard and expandable features that are all ready now, and ready for the future.

The Allworx phone system is designed with growth in mind, and can easily be upgraded as your business grows. It generally serves the Small to Medium Businesses and can support 5-10 phones and grow up to 250 users on a single server. It is however expandable to even more phones by linking up additional servers together. This is not limited to a single geographical location, and can link various branches or field offices seamlessly, whether it’s across town or on the other side of the country.

Not only is this system designed to help save money, and improve productivity and reliability- by giving you access to the VOIP internet phone service providers – it also accomplishes the goal of redundancy by allowing you to use a few different call paths into your business. (Such as using copper lines along with VOIP IP based lines) – You can almost guarantee that as long as your equipment is powered – that your clients will not get a busy signal or get sent to voice mail, unless you so desire.

With this phone system, you are able to program “call routes” which according to your specifications can ring all the phones on your system, some phones, specific phones, or all of the above in any order that you specify. If the caller needs someone who is not in the office, the same call can be routed to that persons’ cell phone or other pre-programmed phone numbers – such as answering services. If the employee cannot be reached, a voice mail can be left as with any other traditional system, however if desired and programmed, an audio file of the message can also be sent to the employee’s email. You may never again check your phone messages, just your email.

Using features such as “auto attendant” your calls can be answered automatically giving your clients the option to choose a particular department, extension, voicemail or operator, which you can specify upon system set up, and modify at any time via an easy user interface from your internet browser.

Features that work for you:

  • Call presence-in office, away, at home, meeting, etc. Establishes how your call will be routed.
  • Call Routes-determine where the call will go based on your established settings.
  • Park feature-similar to the hold button, however multiple users can pick up the call, not just the person who puts it on hold.
  • Programmable Function Keys (PFKs)-various features can be assigned for quick access.
  • Multiple Message Indicators-allows for easy access to multiple voice mails.
  • Interact-PC application which allows for the use of the Allworx phone on the PC.
  • Service, observe, whisper and barge feature-allows supervisors to listen in, whisper, or become part of a conversation. Great for staff support, and customer service.
  • Global Phone book-is accessible from the Allworx phone screen with one touch scrolling and dialing, and also from your smartphone with the Reach App installed
  • Conference Calls options-allows for conference calling for multiple users and can link up to 60 users depending on the server installed.
  • Paging zones-multiple paging zones can be set for groups of specific users.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) -a call queue system, which intelligently distributes your calls based on the algorithms you specify.
  • Advanced Multi-Site which allows for multiple geographical locations to be linked across town, country or continents.
  • Reach-mobile phone or tablet application
  • Call assistant-PC based software which is similar to the old style “switchboard” giving the user a plethora of options between callers and users.
  • Dual Language is supported with the Allworx phone and is available in Castilian Spanish and French Canadian.
  • Intercom-can be used between individual callers
  • Speakerphone-is built into every Allwrox phone and provides high quality sound for hands free dialing.
  • For more features and detailed descriptions of the features listed above see our Features page.

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