Network Cabling & Wiring

The highway for your business data and communications

network cabling & wiringComputero™ is a full service IT company, providing network cabling and wiring services for companies and homes in the New York metro area. Our diligent project managers and technicians can handle large and small cabling jobs, from “soup to nuts”.

It is essential that every business have proper network cabling and wiring

  • Wiring connects each device in your business (e.g, computers, servers, printers/scanners, network-attached storage (NAS), phones, switches, firewalls, routers)
  • The D-mark (Demarcation) is where the connection is made between your network and the outside world
  • Even with a wireless network, you will probably still have some necessary network cabling and wiring

Often times clients underestimate their wiring needs, leaving them with insufficient connections and using too many network switches. This causes a network to run slower and at a higher cost.

There are many benefits to having professionally installed network:

  • A network layout based on your IT needs, budget and anticipated growth
  • Better utilization of your internet and IT equipment
  • Faster transfer speeds, less interference and optimal communications (we test and qualify the wiring for continuity, pair tests, 10/100/1000 speeds, VoIP and others as needed)
  • VoIP communications with higher call quality and reliable communications
  • Properly labeled patch panels and outlets, allowing our technicians to troubleshoot and resolve problems faster, minimizing downtime

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