Hardware Software Installation

Install it right from the very beginning

hardware-software-installationSure, there are a lot of programs that are easy to install out-of-box. You probably installed many of them yourself. Too many times, people experience slowness, even on newer computers, due to incorrect installations. That’s frustrating and expensive.

Computero™ provides professional hardware software installation and removal for all your applications. While most applications can be installed remotely, we provide onsite services for companies in the NYC metro area.

Why businesses in New York rely on us for

  • Expert hardware software installation, setup and removal services
  • Competitive price
  • Applications configured for optimum performance, including ongoing updates/patches
  • Show you how to use it
  • Guarantee our work

Some of the applications we support:

Before you purchase any software or hardware, we encourage you ask us for a recommendation that best suits the needs of your organization and wallet.

Contact us at info@computero.com or (888) TECH-365

Types of hardware / software applications we install and configure

  • Off-the-shelf software applications (e.g., MS Office, operating systems, anti-virus, remote desktop)
  • Google applications
  • Business applications (e.g., SQL, CRM, marketing software, HRMS, financial systems)
  • Servers, monitors, routers, printers, fax machines, scanners, external storage
  • Internal/external components (e.g., graphics card, hard drive, optical drive, webcam, microphone, MP3 player, printer, scanner)
  • CD/DVD RW drive(s)
  • Updates essential to the new hardware