Power tools redefined.

All of the Allworx phones are capable of running on a regular analog phone system, as well as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or both. The phones are easily programmable, easy to use and navigate, and energy efficient. All of the phones come standard with a high quality display, easy to navigate menus, speakerphone, global phone book, and call lists. Inputs include Network, headset, handset and computer. All of the phones are Power Over Ethernet capable, therefore eliminating the need for a power supplies and unnecessary wires. (Power Supplies are available where there is no POE capability-However we are able to install POE capabilities in most settings.

The 9224 is the flag ship of the Allworx phones. Sophisticated, flexible top-of-the-line phone with 24 programmable function keys, huge and easy-to-read 192 × 64 graphical backlit display. Includes a high-fidelity voice handset, hands-free speakerphone, built-in headset connectivity and an integrated Ethernet switch, PoE (Power Over Ethernet). It has the capability of being expanded up to 96 PFK with the addition of an Expansion Unit (Shown below – there are 24 keys in each Expansion Unit, and up to 3 can be connected to the 9224 phone).
The Expansion Units are powered through the phone and do not require any additional wiring, or upgrades. All that needs to be done is the programming for the specific PFKs being added.
The 9212L is the most commonly sold phone due to its power and versatility. Sophisticated, flexible phone — perfect for employees who make or receive a high volume of calls.  High resolution full backlit display with adjustable brightness, and 12 programmable function keys. Supports multiple telephone lines, includes a high-fidelity voice handset, hands-free speakerphone, built-in headset connectivity and an integrated Ethernet switch, PoE.
The 9204 and 9204G are compact sized for small work spaces and offer the same capabilities of the other phones without as many programmable function keys. They both have four programmable function keys. An added advantage of the 9204G is 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet switch while a 10/100 Ethernet switch is used on the 9204 models. Both have an easy-to-read 192×64 graphical backlit display, full-duplex speakerphone and 4-way conferencing.


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