Standard features that streamline your business process.

Allworx is the leader in small to medium IP PBX providers, and has over 23,000 customers world wide. The servers they provide are based on the amount of users that each will support. The Allworx servers are top of the line in their design, function, ease of maintenance, and dependability.

There are three servers offered by Allworx depending on the needs of your business, amount of users, and your desired expansion in the future. All of the Allworx servers are ready out of the box for analog, copper or VoIP SIP trunks communications. The server’s settings can be programmed for call routes, call appearances, global phone book, speed dials, voicemail, shared appearances and many more other standard options available on all the servers. See our features page for detailed descriptions of the functions.

The 6X12: The 6X12 is the smallest, and is designed for small size businesses for up to 12 users.  Unlike the 6X and 48X, it is not expandable for more users and does not allow for the expansion of its 6 FXO ports through the Port Expander.

The 6X: The 6X is a very powerful yet compact server which is ready out of the box for 30 users. This model was designed for the small expanding business and provides a very comfortable range for those clients, allowing for flexibility at a very competitive price. It can be upgraded for up to 60 users. It has 6 FXO ports like the 6X12 however unlike its smaller brother it is expandable to 24 with the use of the Port Expanders.

The 48X: The 48X is the largest offered and is ready for 48 users out of the box. It can be expanded for up to 250 users, providing the widest range of users, and user groups. The 48X has 2 T1/PRI circuits built in and a solid state hard drive for better management of the increased amount of users.

All of the servers come with a full 1 year warranty and can be extended for 5 years. Port Expanders are available and each has 6 FXO ports and 2 FXS ports.

6X12 6X 48X Px
Users Up to 12 Standard 30, with upgrade 60 Standard 48, with upgrade 100…150…200…250 users 0
Auto Attendants 9 9 9 0
Central Office Lines SIP 6 FXO 1 PFT 99 SIP channels 6 FXO, exp. to 24* 1 PFT 99 SIP channels 3 FXO, exp. to 21*1 PFT 99 SIP channels 6 FXO ports 1 PFT 3 Port Expanders per
Analog Phones 2 FXS ports expandable to 8* 2 FXS ports expandable to 8* 5 FXS Ports expandable to 11* 2 FXS Ports 6 Additional w/ 3 Px
Voicemail 8 Ports2 hours per user 8 Ports2 hours per user 16 portsNo less than125 hours Server Based
Conference Center ** One 8 seat bridge One 8 seat bridge Four bridgesmax 30 seats/bridge60 seats across all bridges None
Hard Drive 2 GB Compact Flash 2 GB Compact Flash 8GB solid state drive 2 GB Compact flash
T1/PRI N/A N/A 2 Built-in ** N/A