SSL VPN – Speed up the sales process – give your sales staff access from the road.

Sep 30, 2010 | Solutions

President of the largest sewer and water main company in NYC – Balkan Plumbing, asked Computero to develop a solution which would allow its sales staff to remotely access its networks and provide printed estimates to its customers on location. We responded by proposing a SSL VPN which would allow its sales staff to access their network remotely using laptop computers.

SSL VPN is a relatively new way to connect users remotely – it allows for fast and secure remote access to your internal network resources without installing complex VPN software on the end users computers. In 99% of the cases – it does not require an expensive router setup, and since SSL VPN uses HTTPS – the connection is stable and secure.

SSL-VPN enables the user to setup a remote connection by simply logging in via secure website. Administrators such as Computero’s Business IT Support – can easily monitor remote access, and only allow access to resources needed. Since SSL VPN access is based on user access policy – remote VPN access can be disabled thru one phone call to Computero’s Support line in case of computer theft or employee termination.

The devices used for SSL VPN are readily available on the market as of late 2009.

We support, install and sell Sonicwall devices. Solutions can involve a simple router to router VPN (used to link multiple location (Site to site VPN), or a complex multiuser remote access solution. In most cases we can arrive on site at your home or business and provide you with an estimate within 24 hours.

Sonicwall provides a wide range of firewalls (including application firewall), VPN (Site to Site VPN, and Remote access VPN), and routers – which enable businesses of all sizes to operate efficiently and securely. Contact our IT Support staff to request an estimate.

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