You’ve got digital data – protect it.



All companies, no matter how large or small have valuable information stored digitally on the web and in their networks. Needless to say, hackers try to access this information either directly or intentionally through automated robots and other methods that look for network vulnerabilities.

Computero’s certified and experienced IT professionals are trained to identify and resolve network vulnerabilities and attacks using the most up-to-date methods of network security.

We will monitor your network for any unusual or suspicious activity, and implement protocols that will immediately restrict unauthorized access. In addition, we stay current on highly skilled hackers and hack attacks, and implement multiple layers of security in accordance with cyber security standards.

Our multilayered approach to securing your organization’s IT data and infrastructure allows us to:

— Protect your information using the latest and most secure cyber security methods

— Monitor your network for unusual activities, vulnerabilities and hack attacks

— Resolve network issues before they compromise your ability to work fluently

— Trace the source of an attack and terminate all incoming/outgoing traffic to that source

Our network security services and technology include:

— Automated alert system

— Firewall security for the entire network

— Hosted antivirus software installed on local machines (PCs, tablets, laptops, servers) and the network

— Remote virus definition updates

— Antivirus software license management

— Remote console management

— SSL VPN implementation

— Monitor unauthorized and failed login attempts

— Secure DNS services

— Cloud-based Umbrella Roaming services

(protects laptops/tablets when you are working remotely even on public Wi-Fi hotspots)

Allow us to simplify your IT.

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