Allworx Features



  • Call presence (ie: in office, away, at a meeting, on vacation, busy, etc) These options can be set for each user at each phone(from the handset or web browser), which will route the call to any other phone(s) you specify upon set up (and can easily be changed at any time)
  • Call Routes – where to find me, how to find me and when. Can include any devices and in any order, based off the presence setting which updates call routes.
  • Park feature- Allows the user to “park” the call on one of the programmable function keys (PFK), which is then visible to other users on the system. The user can then intercom all or a specific user and ask them to pick up the parked call. Another additional feature includes the “Park Orbit” which allows for the parking of a second caller with the same ability to be picked up by any user on the system, as long as those users have the parking orbit also programmed on their phones. The standard “Hold” button is present on all phones, and as with any other system can place the call on hold on that particular handset.
  • Programmable Function Keys (PFKs) – All but one of the Allworx model phones comes with the PFKs.  The Programmable Function Keys can be used for many options such as: speed dials, voice mail, park lines, call appearance,queue appearance, queue alarm, redial, day/night modes, and many more.
  • Multiple Message Indicators-allows a supervisory user to monitor other’s Voice Mail boxes as well as the system mailbox. Any PFK can be programmed for this feature. When a new message is in one of those mail boxes, the button will light up.
  • Interact-Helps to increase productivity and time management while it displays caller ID on the user’s PC screen for easy hands free call monitoring, answering  and hang up. Can be upgraded to Interact Professional on a per user license, see below.
  • Service, observe, whisper and barge feature – This feature is great for quality control and worker training and support. It allows a supervisor the ability to monitor a call, quietly advise an employee without the other caller knowing, or barge in on the call.
  • Global Phone book-can be programmed across all users, on their phones, on the server or both.
  • Remote phone capability – The Allworx phones are able to be moved from one location to another, and have the capability to be connected to an internet connection, and work as part of the home base server. The phone acts as an extension of the same server, maintaining its settings despite being in another location. The phone has access to the same global phone book and call routes, giving the user the same capabilities as if he or she were at their home base.
  • Conference Calls options – Standard on all Allworx phones. An optional Conference feature can be added which allows for more users to be linked together for a conference call. Depending on the model of the server, up to 60 users can be brought in on a conference call.
  • Paging zones – Great feature for any type of business which requires the option. Also allows for paging between multi-sites (same or remote geographical area).
  • Intercom-can be used between individual callers
  • Speakerphone-is built into every Allworx phone and provides high quality sound for hands free dialing.
  • Bluetooth Headsets compatible
  • Warranty is included for one full year, and is expandable to five years.



CallDistributionBoxAutomatic Call Distribution (ACD) –  is a robust call center solution, allowing you to distribute queued calls in linear priority, round robin, longest idle and ring all styles — whatever your business needs! An unlimited number of supervisors can instantly manage the important configurations of each call queue while also tracking an array of statistics on the performance of both individual agents and individual queues. It can have up to 10 queues and up to 16 callers per queue or max of 64 callers across all 10 queues.





Advanced Multi-Site – allows for seamless connectivity AdvancedMultisiteBoxbetween many users on one and/or many different geographical sites/locations. It has a distributed architecture which allows the sites to maintain ongoing functionality even when the primary branch is not working or offline. It can link up to 99 locations on a public or private network. Call routes can be established between sites, as well as the ability to share trunks from other locations is also supported. Busy lamp fields can be set up on user’s phones to see available users across other sites. Multi-site parking (parking orbit) and paging, allows for users to contact colleagues at other sites and transfer calls, intercom, and conference as easily as if they were in the office a few doors down.



Reach_SoftwareBoxReach – is a SIP mobility application, which can run on iOS or Anroid, smartfone or tablet, on wifi or cell data network. Reach is equivalent to the Allworx handset as on your desk. You can make and receive calls, transfer, conference, place on hold or park amongst other features, all from your mobile device. Entire global directory is accessible at all times, along with personal contacts and directory within the organization. The user can see who’s busy, and can check Voice Mail. See call history, missed and dialed calls. Change presence settings, which will also adjust for message settings and the call routes which were pre-programmed.

Interact_SoftwareBoxInteract Professional- provides the user with complete control of their Allworx phone from their PC screen, enabling the user to access call history, phone book, and one click dialing without ever needing to look at or touch the phone. Microsoft Outlook contacts can be incorporated into the Interact Professional database making it very easy to manage, and easily search client databases thus improving productivity.






CallAssistant_SoftwareBox_LoCall assistant – is a PC based application, which allows for seamless call management, and distribution. The on screen switchboard allows the assigned user to monitor call queues, parked calls, active calls, and gives the user the ability to monitor and record files for quality control and customer support.







DualLanguageBoxDual Language is supported with the Allworx phone and is available in Castilian Spanish and French Canadian.





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