Rapid Response Team™

Quick IT support so that you can continue “business as usual”

rapid-response-teamThe unfortunate reality for many organizations is that they need to continue operating even during downtime. We designed our Rapid Response Team to ensure your staff can continue working during these times. Computero’s Rapid Response Team is one of the things that differentiates our company from other IT service providers (ITSPs).

When you choose Computero as your IT partner, you get much more than our IT outsourcing services and technology. You get a team of experienced and certified IT support technicians that are ready to respond to your highest priority matters. We provide instant response immediately after receiving a priority alert. Our local New York-based support team is ready to fix your issues remotely or go on-site if necessary.

The Rapid Response Team consists of level 1 helpdesk technicians, network admins, network engineers and project managers. Together they will:

  • Fix your support issue remotely
  • Perform root cause analysis to prevent the problem from happening again
  • Dispatch an IT support technician or the entire support team on-site if necessary
  • Deliver and install any of our in-stock IT equipment needed to remedy the issue
  • Allocate the proper resources to get you up and running with the least amount of downtime

Our goal is to provide the fastest resolution so your business can keep moving.

Our Rapid Response Team is available now !

We are ready to resolve your IT issues promptly.

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