point of sale software and point of sales system

Many of the small to medium sized grocers are still looking for a cash register system that allows them to implement scanning. This is primarily due to the fact that they perceive the cost of this type system to be lower than the open architecture type point of sale software systems. These grocers are looking for a system that would allow their back office system to communicate with their cash registers. They want a point of sale software system that would provide price control, direct store delivery receiving (DSD), advertising programs, and the ability to print their own shelf edge labels as well as their ad labels. SCANPlus can provide such businesses the software, training, and support to meet these needs described above.

There are a number of these grocers who want to upgrade their present point of sale software or implement new ones that will give them more functionality than a cash register. They are looking for systems that are fail safe, can integrate credit, debit and electronic benefits (EBT), negative check file, provide better cash control, in store charge accounts and frequent shopper programs as well as a back office system that provides price controls, DSD, label printing, communications with their wholesale grocers’ computer systems. SCANPlus can provide all the above in a seamless manner to address your needs.

Additionally there are a number of the small to medium sized independent grocers that have multiple stores and would like to manage all locations from a central office or their corporate location. This presents a challenge to many system providers in that maintaining multiple price books with different prices for each store cannot be done with their software. SCANPlus has a hosting package that accommodates this need. SCANPlus can provide you the software, training, and support to meet these needs.

To further complicate matters there are grocers that have a combination of the systems mentioned above as well a warehouse of their own. They are looking for the ability to transition all stores to the same solution as well as continue to manage their existing systems. Computero Inc. along with SCANPlus can provide you the software, training, and support to meet these needs.

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