Network Management Services

Network management services and 24/7 network monitoring.

network-server-monitoringMonitoring your network and servers enables your organization to identify and resolve problems before they become critical. Not only will monitoring help protect your technology investments, it will ensure any issues that arise from them will be addressed before they impact your users and customers.

Instant awareness of your IT infrastructure problems

Computero offers complete monitoring and alerting for networks, servers, switches and applications. To ensure we provide our clients with the most reliable and accurate network monitoring, we have invested in powerful monitoring software applications installed on our modern data center and backup servers. Not only will our technology monitor your systems 24/7, they automatically alert our Rapid Response Team™ when any issues arise.

  • Monitoring: Our system can monitor your entire IT infrastructure or be customized to monitor only your most critical IT components and applications 24/7.
  • Alerting: Our IT staff is alerted when an issue or outage is detected or recovers, and notifies them of important events. If there is a critical issue, our Rapid Response Team is available to resolve it 24/7.
  • Reporting: Our system provides reports that offer deep insight into the health of your network. This data allows us to spot trends and plan for necessary upgrades that keeps your network healthy and even running better than before.

By monitoring your infrastructure you will have peace of mind and:

  • Identify and resolve issues when they are first detected
  • Minimize the impact of IT threats and future problems to the organization
  • Ensure your organization’s SLAs are being met
  • Detect security breaches
  • Reduce outages and downtime
  • Protect your valuable IT investments, saving you thousands, if not more