Managed Phone Systems

Focus more on your business, not your phones.

Managing a company’s phone system can be expensive and time consuming. Computero™ offers VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) managed services for small and medium-sized organizations in the New York metro area. Our services are customized to our clients needs and better priced compared to the many expensive service providers.

With our managed services we can handle the administration of your phone system directly, allowing you to focus on running your business rather than dealing with the headaches associated with managing the operation of your company’s phones.

Computero will manage your entire phone system:

  • Forward your phones to an answering service during certain hours
  • Add, edit and remove employee extensions and speed dials as people are hired/laid off
  • Forward office calls to an individual’s cell phone
  • Manage call routing and call flow throughout your organization
  • Troubleshoot and resolve dropped calls or noise on your phone lines
  • Setup voice mail and call recordings
  • Setup and monitor backup lines
  • Install and analyze call statistics
  • Troubleshooting for faster solutions with carriers and ISPs

Computero can work with your existing ISP (internet service provider) or VoIP phone provider to troubleshoot issues and resolve them. In addition, our experienced phone technicians are available for onsite services to analyze your physical network and resolve any issues with your wiring or network equipment and improve your call quality.