Managed Hosting

We provide managed hosting so you can safely manage your applications and enterprise data on our private cloud.

With managed hosting services, organizations can extend into the cloud, maximizing their IT investments. While there are many types of cloud services on the market today, Computero offers the cloud services most important to small and mid-market organizations.

[wpc_featured_box image=”3818″ title=”Cloud Backup” desc=”With Computero’s Cloud backup services, your data will be properly backed up and stored on our secure Cloud environment where we can quickly restore it if ever needed. In addition, we’ll automate daily backups so you don’t have to ever worry about it.

  • We can backup data from any system (help desk, CRM, HR, financial/accounting, shared drives, SharePoint, etc)
  • Backups are created regularly at the most convenient times for you
  • All your data is securely encrypted on our Cloud. You can even provide your own encryption key!
  • Your data can be made available from anywhere at anytime
  • We can restore your data when needed. Did you know restoring data from a damaged storage device can cost $100s or $1000s of dollars


[wpc_featured_box image=”3819″ title=”Cloud Antivirus” desc=”Computero offers antivirus on the Cloud to ensure our clients IT environment is safe. not only will you always have the latest antivirus updates installed, but you’ll have a dedicated team of IT professionals to troubleshoot and fix any potential issues immediately. Our cross-platform Antivirus services allow us to:

  • Protect, monitor and alert us of any potential threat on your computers or servers (e.g., viruses, malware)
  • Immediately remove and eliminate any threat that may be present
  • Check for vulnerabilities that a computer may have with pertinent updates
  • Remotely enable the Antivirus, run scans and perform updates
  • Alert us if a layer of protection is disabled by anyone


[wpc_featured_box image=”3820″ title=”Cloud Monitoring” desc=”Computero offers advanced monitoring to ensure the health of your entire IT infrastructure. The process is simple – we install an agent on your onsite and remote IT assets so we can manage and monitor all endpoints in real time including:

  • Hardware failures
  • Low disk space
  • Bandwidth utilization
  • Operating system health
  • Unauthorized website access and user login attempts
  • Abnormal system performance
  • System vulnerabilities (e.g., antivirus, Windows updates, patches)
  • Backup health
  • System changes

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