Desktop Management Services

Fast and secure desktop management services to resolve your computer issues fast

remote-desktop-supportWhether your having trouble printing a report or with your online business meeting, you can rely on us to get you up-and-running in no time. With our remote desktop support our technical support team can connect to your computer from anywhere at anytime, and diagnose and resolve issues more efficiently. All it takes to establish a remote connection is a working internet connection, remote software and your permission. Once connected, we are able to see exactly what’s on your screen and even take control of your computer to make the necessary changes needed to fix the issue quickly.

Advantages of remote support

Remote support allows us to deliver faster and more responsive services to our clients at a lower price. With remote support, we can work on multiple issues simultaneously and reduce travel time associated with sending a technician onsite. In addition, our Rapid Response Team™ is always available to assist you remotely while you continue working (or enjoying a cup of coffee).

  • Get your issues resolved quickly
  • Reduce support costs associated with onsite support
  • Reduce support costs by allowing us to work on multiple issues simultaneously
  • Minimize downtime with 24/7 remote support services

Computero’s remote software solution

There are a variety of software products that allow us to establish a remote connection. We’ll use whatever remote software you currently have or suggest a solution (e.g. Citrix GoToAssist, TeamViewer, LogMeIn). Establishing a remote connection is easy. You either launch a desktop application or go to a website, and input your name and the support key provided by our technician. This will launch a small application that enables a remote connection.